Edenred Massage increases well-being and efficiency

Edenred Massage increases well-being and efficiency

Many companies want to encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. Regular massages have many benefits for the body and mind, making them an excellent way to relax in the midst of everyday life. Support the well-being and recovery of your staff with the Edenred Massage benefit. The tax-free benefit is a cost-effective investment in the future of your company, since employees that are feeling well are also more effective!

Investing in staff well-being pays off 

Regular massages improve ergonomics and restore and support the health of the body and mind. By providing a massage benefit, you show that you care about the well-being of your staff. When employees feel better, sick leaves decrease and job satisfaction increases. 

The advantages of the massage benefit for the company are undeniable, both in the short and long term. With the massage benefit offered by market leader Edenred, you will improve your employer image and engage your staff. When recruiting new staff, a wide range of employment benefits is a significant competitive advantage, and satisfied employees are more likely to stay with the same employer for longer. 

Massage helps with the problems caused by remote working

In particular, the increase in remote work has boosted the need for massage among employees. Ergonomic challenges can cause muscle pain, for which massage is an effective remedy. Massage can therefore help prevent long periods of sick leaves due to neck and shoulder problems, for example. 

The decrease in sick leaves is a direct saving for the company. More savings come from having more productive employees. The massage benefit can also have a positive impact on workplace morale, as employees are happy to have the opportunity to recover and relax with the support of their employer. 

Ease the burden of physical work 

It is also important for people who do physical work to have regular massages. In addition to working positions that put a strain on the body, the use of force and other physical tasks can also cause strain.

Many jobs involve lifting loads and other working postures that put a strain on the musculoskeletal system.* Massage helps to recover from work and maintain working capacity. Providing massage benefit is therefore an excellent way of ensuring that workers are able to work safely and be healthy.

Tax-free and virtual massage benefit is easy to use

You can order the massage benefit for your employees conveniently online. Employees will receive their activation instructions by email and the benefit works easily on mobile via the MyEdenred app. 

Offering a massage benefit is not only cost-effective but also tax-free. In order for an employer to offer a tax-free massage benefit to its employees, it must be offered collectively and up to a maximum of 360€ per employee per year. There are no payment limits on the use of the benefit, so it can be used to pay for the entire massage session. Edenred's ever-growing network already includes thousands of massage businesses throughout Finland. 

*Source: Työturvallisuuskeskus 

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