Edenred Transport

Edenred Transport

Edenred Transport – what is it all about?

The employer can support employees by offering tax-relieved commuter benefits.

Edenred Transport is meant for commuting between home and work but it can be used for leisure time commuting as well.

The commuting benefit is tax-free for employees up to €3400.

By using Edenred Transport offered by your employer, you are able to add exercise to your everyday life, which improves your well-being and coping with the workload – people using public transportation take about  2000 steps more than people using their own cars!


Edenred Transport


  • Your employer (or you if your employer has enabled this feature) loads balance to your card online.
  • The virtual commuting benefit can be added to HSL mobile application and Whim to pay for mobile tickets.
  • With the physical Edenred Transport card you can make payment loads to your personal travel card at Matkahuolto, R-kiosks all around Finland, HSL service points at Helsinki railway station, Pasila, Itäkeskus, and Stockmann.
  • At R-kiosk you can pay loads for:
    • Personal travel card for local traffic, if travel cards for your region are sold in R-kiosks. Search places of sales from your region’s city website or customer service.
    • Travelcard, which is acquired from Matkahuolto outlets.
    • VR personal season ticket. You can use Veturi credentials at R-kiosk.
    • At Matkahuolto you can pay loads for Matkahuolto personal travel card, which is acquired from Matkahuolto outlets.
  • The card is valid for 2 years.
  • If you lose your card, you can block it and your remaining value will be safe on your account. You can block your card by contacting your employer or by contacting our customer service on (09) 7594 2848 (lnf/mcf) between Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.
  • If you have any questions about your benefit, please contact the person in your company who is responsible for personnel matters.



How to use Edenred Transport benefit? It’s easy!

  • You can utilize your Edenred Transport right after it’s activated in MyEdenred and your employer has loaded the balance to the card./li>
  • You can follow your transaction history and balance on MyEdenred.
  • Places, where to use your benefit card, can be searched from Edenred’s places search or in MyEdenred map.

MyEdenred ›

Card activation instructions

Find nearest place to use

Find nearest R-kiosk, Matkahuolto or HSL outlet.

R-kioski Stockmann


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