Winning Best Lunch in Finland competition boosts Satama Bar & Bistro's popularity

Winning Best Lunch in Finland competition boosts Satama Bar & Bistro's popularity

Doubled customer numbers, a new restaurant in the centre of Helsinki and numerous events around Finland. We found out what the winner of the Best Lunch in Finland 2022 competition, Satama Bar & Bistro, has to say after more than six months after winning.

Numerous contacts following the win

Winning the title of the Best Lunch in Finland 2022 has been fueling the story of Satama Bar & Bistro for more than six months. The restaurant is enjoying well-deserved popularity with doubled customer numbers. Word of the best lunch in Finland has spread far and wide, and they have received visitors to Helsinki's Kalasatama from as far away as Lappeenranta.

In addition to lunch, the demand for the restaurant's catering service has increased. Within a short period of time, the restaurant has received numerous enquiries and offers, ranging from new commercial premises to events where Satama's food is requested to be offered. In the summer of 2023, the best lunch in Finland will be served at events such as the Flow Festival and Helsinki Festival.

Popularity encourages expansion

Great news was revealed on Midsummer week, when Satama Bar & Bistro announced on their Instagram @satamabar that it will expand its operations and open a new restaurant in Kamppi Helsinki, on 1st of August 2023. By expanding its operations, the restaurant is responding to increased demand and bringing the best lunch in Finland to a well-known meeting place that is accessible to more and more people.

The teachings of chef Harri Syrjänen remained 

Edenred, the organizer of the Best Lunch in Finland competition, awarded the winning restaurant with a sparring session on a topic of the restaurant's choice by the patron of the competition, chef Harri Syrjänen. Restaurateur Habi Saini wanted to make the most of the visibility the win would bring, so the sparring session focused on how to make the most of the win in long term. 

The sparring session taught a lot. The approach to the sparring was good, as Harri Syrjänen had the courage to throw out different ideas and suggestions. As a result, Satama Bar & Bistro has learned to pay more attention to the small details in creating an atmosphere and to use social media in a new way. As a result, the number of followers and engagement on the social channels has grown, and more and more people now know about Kalasatama's popular lunch spot. 

It's all about the strong desire to win

Restaurateur Habi Saini points out that the desire to win comes from the restaurateur who stands behind their own brand. Habi heard about Edenred's Best Lunch in Finland competition in 2021 when he joined Satama Bar & Bistro as a restaurateur. Already then, he decided that under his leadership the restaurant would participate in the competition the following year. 

In addition to your own drive to win, it's important to motivate the rest of the restaurant staff to get involved. The best results are achieved when whole staff is briefed on the competition and every employee reminds customers to vote. During the voting process, it is important to communicate as much as possible to customers about the Edenred competition and the fact that the restaurant is taking part. Awareness can also be raised through campaign materials in the restaurant, for example by distributing information on the restaurant's displays, various flyers and with QR codes that lead to the voting form on the campaign website. Reminders on the restaurant's various social media channels and website during the voting period are the easiest way to keep customers informed and get as many people as possible to vote.

"Marketing starts to work when it gets annoying," laughs Habi.

Satama Bar & Bistro restaurateur Habi Saini was interviewed for the story on June 7th, 2023.


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