How much can you save with lunch benefit? Try our calculator!

How much can you save with lunch benefit? Try our calculator!

A relaxing and nutritious lunch break helps you have energy both physically and mentally –  and affects work efficiency. The lunch benefit is so popular because it enables the employee to have a versatile meal at a cheaper price. Especially at a time of inflation, many people may try to cut back on food expenses, in which case the savings made by using the lunch benefit are even more significant. When restaurants offer nutrient-rich lunches, the employer-sponsored lunch benefit gives you the opportunity to eat more affordably in everyday life without compromising on healthiness and taste.

In addition to savings, the lunch benefit is an easy way to support health

Did you know that the lunch benefit was already created after the Second World War, when the effect of a good meal on workers' endurance was noticed? According to research, using the lunch benefit brings 20% more work efficiency to the day. A bad diet, on the other hand, leads to more sick leaves.

At its best, the lunch benefit encourages employees to have a varied meal during the working day. Lunch is most often a significant part of the nutrition consumed throughout the day. In this case, the lunch benefit not only affects the energy level of that working day, but also, in the bigger picture, a balanced diet. An effortless way to take a break and enjoy delicious and versatile food prepared by professionals at a cheaper price in a place of your choice –  who wouldn't take the opportunity?

Lunch benefit is one of the most desired employee benefits in Finland

According to our survey, at the end of 2022, the lunch benefit was one of the most desired employee benefits. The popularity continues year after year. Among younger employees (aged 18–25), the lunch benefit was the most popular benefit of all. It shows that the importance of the lunch benefit is not diminishing in the future either, but on the contrary: employees value the lunch benefit.

Lunch benefit offers flexible meals without being tied to a certain time 

Working hours vary in different professions and job descriptions - that's why, despite its name, the lunch benefit is not tied to a specific time of the week or day. Instead, Edenred's lunch benefit can be used at any time of the day in all restaurants and grocery stores belonging to Edenred's network, either for hot dishes or sushi portions or at the salad bar, service counter.

Two inexpensive ways to offer a lunch benefit

The employer can offer a lunch benefit in two different ways: either as a lunch discount or paid on top of the salary. Both methods are also advantageous for the employer due to the tax benefit.

Lunch benefit as a lunch discount

In the typical lunch discount model, the employee's deductible portion of the lunch benefit remains 75%, on which the employee does not have to pay taxes. This means that by calculation, when paying with the lunch benefit, even every fifth meal is free for the employee.

The employer offers the employee a lunch benefit of €200 per month. The employee pays for the benefit 75% x €200 = €150, which is deducted from his salary. The employer pays only 25% of the benefit, i.e. €50, and can deduct this in their taxes.

If the employee uses the full lunch benefit, each 1 euro they invest will give them a value of 1.33 euros at best.

Lunch lunch on top of salary

If the employer offers a lunch benefit on top of the salary, the employee only pays reduced income tax, and the savings are even greater than the lunch discount.

The employer offers the employee a lunch benefit of €200 per month. The taxable value of the benefit 0.75 x €200 = €150 is added to the employee's salary. At that time, the employee only pays income tax according to his personal tax rate on €150 (e.g. €150 x 35% = €52.50). The employer pays the nominal value of the benefit €200 and employer contributions for 75% (e.g. €150 x 22.5% = €33.75).

If the average wage earner receives a full lunch benefit on top of their salary, every 1 euro they invest will give them a value of 2.57 euro for them.

Try our savings calculator

How much money can en employee save per month or year while using Edenred Lounari? Calculate the savings with our lunch savings calculator! You can check the monthly number of working days in our working day calendar.

Please note that the income tax percentage should only be taken into account in the calculation if the lunch benefit is paid on top of the salary.

Price of lunch per day (€)
10.30 7.15 11.30
Number of working days per month
28 1 31
Income tax percentage (%)
50 0.00 100.0
72,10 €
In a year In a month
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Employer, do you already offer the lunch benefit to your employees? 

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