Success in Finland's Best Lunch competition shapes Mezza's story

Success in Finland's Best Lunch competition shapes Mezza's story

Success in Edenred's Finland's Best Lunch competition can be a pivotal force for a restaurant. Ranking at the top in the consumer vote tells a direct message about the quality of the lunch food, the dedication of the restaurant, and the trust of the customers. The journey of Espoo’s Restaurant Mezza to the top spots of Finland's Best Lunch 2023 competition is an inspiring story that offers valuable insights for everyone in the restaurant industry. 

The gem of Mediterranean cuisine in Leppävaara

Restaurant Mezza, located in the heart of Espoo’s Leppävaara, is a modern establishment that radiates the warmth and hospitality of Mediterranean cuisine. Under the leadership of restaurateur Roman Star, Mezza is dedicated to creating unforgettable taste experiences for its customers using fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Mezza's lunch buffet serves a selection of vegetable-focused lunch foods on weekdays, and in the evenings, the restaurant offers an a la carte menu. In addition to the popular lunch buffet, Mezza's weekend brunch has been locally awarded. Along with a strong placement in the Finland's Best Lunch 2023 competition, Mezza has also been recognized for its weekend brunch, having been voted the best brunch spot in Espoo a few years ago. These accolades are a testament to both the restaurant's and the staff's commitment to exceeding customers' expectations day after day.

Good preparation helped to succeed

Finland's Best Lunch is much more than just a competition for Mezza: it is an acknowledgment of their commitment to providing high-quality food and a testament to the staff's concerted efforts. 

In preparation for the Finland's Best Lunch 2023 competition, Mezza improved its chances of success by focusing especially on staff training and engagement. This meant that each employee was given their own area of responsibility for the competition, and restaurateur Star emphasized the importance of the competition as a common goal.

In addition to activating employees, Mezza invested in marketing the competition across various channels. Facebook advertising was boosted, and informative posters with QR code were displayed in the restaurant. The cashiers were advising customers about the voting process, and customers who voted for their favorite lunch spot were offered a 10 % discount on their lunch.  

These investments helped restaurant Mezza climb towards the top rankings in Edenred's competition. 

Diverse benefits of the competition

Securing third place in the Finland's Best Lunch 2023 competition and success as Espoo’s best lunch restaurant have increased consumer interest in Mezza, drawing in more patrons to Mezza’s lunch buffet and expanding the amount of its regular customers. The competition success and positive customer feedback have served as motivators for the staff, helped the restaurant identify its strengths, and provided confidence to continue developmental efforts. 

The competition has also offered networking opportunities with industry professionals, as other restauranteurs have come to visit Mezza. Visibility in both the local Espoo newspaper Länsiväylä and in an article by Ilta-Sanomat has attracted new customers to travel from afar to experience the restaurant's offerings.

Edenred's competition encourages business expansion

The increased interest in Mezza because of success in Edenred's competition has opened doors for the restaurant to various events. Customer feedback has made it clear that there is a demand for Mezza's lunch buffet in Helsinki as well. Mezza’s plans for the near future include opening a new and larger restaurant in Helsinki. This decision has been the result of many factors, significantly influenced by the feedback and wishes of customers coming from Helsinki during the Finland's Best Lunch 2023 competition. Edenred's contest has thus been a significant influencer in making the final decision to expand.

The competition organized by Edenred created a framework that enabled more direct and meaningful interaction with customers. This improved confidence in our own operations and the profitability of expanding the business, restaurateur Roman Star explains. 


For this blog, an interview was conducted with Roman Star, the restaurateur of Restaurant Mezza, on 15.5.2024.