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Means of payment for lunch benefit


  • Edenred card
  • Ticket Duo® card
  • Ticket Lounas® card
  • Lounasseteli™ voucher
  • Mobile payment

The payment instruments are meant for paying meals and they should not be used to pay for tobacco, alcohol, groceries, convenience food and ready-made industrially packed dishes.

Finnish Tax Administration defines the yearly payment limits for lunch benefit; in 2020 the minimum sum for lunch benefit with card and mobile payment is € 6.80 and maximum sum is € 10.70.


Means of payment for sport and cultural benefit


  • Edenred card
  • Ticket Duo® card
  • Ticket Virike® card
  • Virikeseteli® voucher
  • Mobile payment

The cards and the voucher are not meant for purchasing products. The purchased service must be tax compliant.


Means of payment for commuting benefit

Edenred’s payment instrument for commuting benefit  is Ticket Transport® card. The card is meant only for paying personal travel tickets, not for paying possessor specific cards loaded with value.