Accepting mobile payments



This is how to accept Edenred’s mobile payments


  • Edenred’s mobile payment solution doesn’t require any separate devices such as payment terminals or integration to the cash system, you just need to register to Merchant portal to be able to accept mobile payments.
  • Customer shows the amount s/he will pay from mobile phone and marks the payment as used at the cash register.
  • You can check mobile payment transactions from Merchant portal either in real-time or at the end of the day.
  • If needed, the payment can also be cancelled in the portal.


Merchant, please check the following when accepting a mobile payment:


  • Check that the paid amount and the name of the restaurant or recreational place are correct.
  • Check that the the information of your restaurant or recreational place is correct.
  • Ask customer to mark receipt as used.


Receipt for Edenred mobile payment includes the following information:


  1. The receipt number.
  2. Customer name and company.
  3. Name and address of the restaurant or recreational place.
  4. Date and price.
  5. Counter for time. After 15 minutes the state of the receipt automatically changes to used.
  6. Customer marks the receipt as used.


This is how to accept mobile payments online

More material and instructions for accepting mobile payments can be found from Support page.


Apple pay solution can also be used to pay lunches and recreational services.

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