Accepting and reimbursing vouchers


 Accepting and reimbursing vouchers



This is how to accept Edenred’s Lounasseteli™ and Virikeseteli® vouchers


  • There is a field for the signature on the back of Lounasseteli™ and Virikeseteli® vouchers as some employers may keep track of the usage of the vouchers.
  • The signature or a name on the back of the voucher are not mandatory but you are entitled to check the user’s identity if you suspect misuse of vouchers.
  • Note that you do not give change back from the vouchers.



Reimbursing vouchers


  • We have a voucher pick-up service for reimbursing vouchers easily and safely. Service will retrieve vouchers straight from your outlet.
  • Service saves money and time. It is also a safe way to deliver vouchers to be reimbursed. Vouchers sent through pick-up service are 100 % insured
  • You can also send the vouchers and the cover form by post to the address below:


Edenred Finland Oy
PL 49
00511 Helsinki