Accepting and reimbursing vouchers


 Accepting and reimbursing vouchers



This is how to accept Edenred’s Lounasseteli™ and Virikeseteli® vouchers


  • There is a field for the signature on the back of Lounasseteli™ and Virikeseteli® vouchers as some employers may keep track of the usage of the vouchers.
  • The signature or a name on the back of the voucher are not mandatory but you are entitled to check the user’s identity if you suspect misuse of vouchers.
  • Note that you do not give change back from the vouchers.



Reimbursing vouchers


  • We have a voucher pick-up service for reimbursing vouchers easily and safely. Service will retrieve vouchers straight from your outlet.
  • Service saves money and time. It is also a safe way to deliver vouchers to be reimbursed. Vouchers sent through pick-up service are 100 % insured
  • You can also send the vouchers and the cover form by post to the address below:


Edenred Finland Oy
PL 5
13101 Hämeenlinna


Edenred will reimburse the money to your account within five business days from the day the settlement has arrived to Edenred. The service fee has been deducted from the reimbursement. If the settlement arrives before 2 pm it is considered to be arrived at the same day. We will deliver new cover letters regularly without a separate order but you can order more of them from Support page.

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