Edenred Lounari makes the day delicious

This benefit not only fills your stomach but keeps you energized and provides a restorative break for the day.

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This benefit not only fills your stomach but keeps you energized and provides a restorative break for the day.

Edenred Lounari

Lunch benefit

Restaurants, cafes, kiosks, Wolt, home delivery fees, restaurant trolleys, grocery stores...

Edenred Lounari offers you the widest lunch network in Finland, meaning almost 15 000 opportunities to take advantage of your valuable benefit. In addition, you save money with each payment!

This is how your benefit works

Edenred Lounari offers you the most versatile payment methods. Connect your physical or virtual Edenred card to Apple Pay or Google Pay, pay mobile with Edenred Pay, swipe your Edenred card or pay with familiar and secure Lunch vouchers.

The Tax Administration determines the annual minimum and maximum values You can conveniently pay the excess sum with another payment method. The general validity period of the benefit is 2 years.

Payment methods
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Genuine, original Lounari turns 50 years old

The year 2024 is a year of celebration, because everyone's beloved Lounari turns a respectable 50 years old! Read about Lounari's history and journey to the hearts of Finns.

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Time for a break

You can find all the lunch places in our network conveniently with our Merchant search. Filter the search according to your wishes and discover new taste experiences.

You can also familiarize yourself with the lunch offers shared by the locations and use your benefit even more cost-effectively.

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Edenred and Wolt go together like fork and knife

Thanks to the new SplitPay feature, you can now split the Wolt payment between the lunch benefit and your own payment card. For now on you can easily pay with Edenred in the Wolt app.

Wolt payment instructions

Save money by paying with your lunch benefit!

With our savings calculator, you can check how much you save on a monthly or annual basis when you use Edenred Lounari. You can check the monthly number of working days in our working day calendar.

Please note that the income tax percentage should only be taken into account in the calculation if the lunch benefit is paid on top of the salary.

Lunch benefit amount / work day(€)
10.30 7.15 11.30
Number of working days / months
28 1 31
Income tax rate (%)
50 0.00 100.0
You save
72,10 €
In a year In a month
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Where would you like to use your benefit?

Do you have a lunch place in mind that is not yet part of our network? Tell us about it by sending us a tip!