Important information for service providers

  Dear Merchant, Thank you for this year, we hope that the cooperation with us has been successful. Companies offer lunch and recreational benefits increasingly and we hope that you can see this positive trend impacting also your business even though during these challenging times. The payment limits for the lunch benefit for 2021 are […]

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New Delicard® gift cards are here

  Delicard® gift card is an effortless way to show appreciation to your employees and partners. The easiest way is to order an electronic eDelicard® straight to the recipient’s e-mail. Delicard® is a perfect gift for any occasion and for anyone. Effortless for you – luxurious for the recipient!    Show appreciation with Delicard® All […]

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Updated Terms and Conditions

Updated 1.9.2020 Edenred has updated its General Terms and Conditions Primary changes: Client’s and Service Providers terms have been combined Price list will be moved to Edenred’s website The terms of use and the general terms and conditions take into account that the signature of a payment transaction is no longer the main method of […]

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You can now use your lunch benefit to pay for meal delivery

Updated 27 August 2020 (added mention of the regulations’ extended period of validity and information about Wolt). Originally published 7.4.2020 In order to ease the financial difficulties caused by the coronavirus, the Tax Administration has made temporary changes to its decision on the lunch benefit to pay for food delivery, as employees may have to […]

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Pay by usage – new features and improvements

We have made improvements and added new features to the pay-by-usage model. The new features are focused on the load and usage of the benefits, and they will take effect on 30.7.2020.   1. Benefit during temporary leave-of-absence (On hold-status) How the feature used to work (old): Employer sets On hold -status in Ticket-on-the-web. Employee […]

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Change in regulation for contactless payments

Signature no longer needed when making contactless payments with Edenred Contactless payments made with the Edenred employee benefits card will no longer have to be signed by the cardholder. This applies to contactless payments under 50€ which are made with the plastic Edenred card, or with Apple Pay or Google Pay. The payment terminals will […]

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New features in Merchant portal

We have added new features into Merchant Portal:   Three different user profiles Merchant portal offers three different user profiles. Authorized signer has full rights when cashier and contact person profiles have limited rights. Previously, if you wanted to add new user as authorized signer, that had to be created through registration. Now you can […]

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Bistro O Mat take away

Story from one of our partner restaurant Bistro O Mat

  Take away meals have been extremely popular during this exceptional time. Especially restaurants have been affected with strong restrictions during this spring. One way to cope with the current situation has been to sell take away – one of our partner restaurant Bistro O Mat tells how they started to sell take away meals […]

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Edenred lunch benefit can now be used to pay for Wolt deliveries

  Edenred and Wolt announce the ability to use Edenred Lounari to pay for Wolt meal deliveries.   Edenred & Wolt have teamed up to enable people to use Edenred Lounari to pay for meals ordered through Wolt. Starting today, Edenred Lounari users who have an Edenred digital solution can use it to pay for […]

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lounasetu etätyössä

Lunch benefit can be used also when working remotely

  Working remotely is increasing among knowledge workers now and in the future.   Did you know that the lunch benefit can be used also in grocery stores and for take away?   Remember to have an energizing lunch break even when working remotely. Did you know, that 50% of Finnish employees don’t recover during […]

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