ELIXIA moves Edenred's beneficiaries

ELIXIA moves Edenred's beneficiaries

More than 80 different group exercise classes, more than 700 digital workouts and personal trainer services –  ELIXIA has a total of 32 versatile gyms in the capital region, Turku and Tampere, and in October the chain will expand with the opening of a new gym in Tampere's Ratina.

ELIXIA offers customized individual gym memberships for different types of exercisers. Do you want an extensive group exercise selection or just gym training, the possibility of using all the gyms or a membership only to your own local gym? At ELIXIA, your membership is tailored to these wishes. Members also have the opportunity to take advantage of online classes, so that training is not limited to whether you can get to the fitness center on site. Naturally, you can buy a membership for ELIXIA gyms with the Virike benefit.

The extensive Less Mills group exercise options are a safe and motivating way to exercise

If you are motivated by group exercise, ELIXIA is known for its versatile and wide range of Less Mills classes, a selection of more than 80 different classes will inspire even the most demanding class shopper. Guided workouts range from cross training to dance classes, various yoga classes and body care, from cardio training to muscle training. A fun body combat class brings sweat to the surface by borrowing from martial arts, barre brings ballet's muscle fitness training even to those who don't practice ballet. Workouts can be chosen targeted to a specific muscle group, for example core muscle strengthening or running training.

Guided exercise often lowers the threshold of starting or returning to exercise.

"ELIXIA's goal is to do its part to help and improve the health of Finns. Specially guided exercise is safe, effective and motivating," ELIXIA's country manager Jussi Raita says.

Personal training services support regular training

Each membership also includes a free personal training session, so that the exerciser can get off to a good start with professional tips. If you want more goal-oriented support for your own development and get the most out of gym training, trained personal trainers are also available as training buddies for a longer period of time.

"The main thing is to start exercising and continue regularly. This is how everyone achieves their own goal. Starting too strongly usually does not become a long-lasting habit," says Raita.

We make people healthier and happier is the slogan that sums up ELIXIA's operating philosophy, which seeks long-term well-being through suitable and regular training.

Babysitting service for trainers with families and the possibility to use all Nordic gyms

As additional services, Elixia makes it easier for families to train and stick to training routines by offering a childcare service for children aged 3 months to 10 years in selected centers. ELIXIA belongs to the Nordic SATS ELIXIA group, whose fitness centers can be found in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. If, for example, the trainer travels a lot for work in the Nordic countries, the Premium membership has access to training in any gym and in any country of the chain. The additional price of this membership also includes childcare services.

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