Fitness24Seven gyms across Finland get Virike beneficiaries moving

Fitness24Seven gyms across Finland get Virike beneficiaries moving

The devout wish of Virike benefit users has been heard and we have great, sporty news! The versatile and easily accessible Fitness24Seven gyms from Helsinki to Rovaniemi are now in our Virike network  and gym membership can be purchased with Virike benefit.

You can go directly to the payment instructions here.

Almost 60 gyms around Finland, a total of 250 gyms in different countries – open 24 hours

Fitness24Seven gyms are familiar to many, as there are almost 60 gyms in all major cities in Finland, the northernmost in Rovaniemi and the southernmost in Helsinki's Punavuori. Fitness24Seven offers all services and gyms in its network with one membership. There are gyms in a total of 250 different countries – in addition to Finland, Sweden, Norway, Colombia and Thailand. Whether you're on a business trip, on a trip, or in another city for studies or work, a gym membership always travels with you.

"We have exercisers who come from many different activity levels, which is really great. From the beginning, we at Fitness24Seven have wanted to offer regardless of background, life situation or place of residence the opportunity to take care of your well-being," says Fitness24Seven's corporate sales expert Camilla Grandén.

Gym training, equipment guidance, personal trainer services and group exercise

Fitness24Seven has different kind of gyms: the larger ones also offer group exercise classes, and in some of the gyms it is possible to buy the services of a personal trainer to get a more precise workout. PT gyms also have a free well-being survey, which is a low-threshold introduction to personal training services. In addition, most Fitness24Seven gyms have their own training area for women.

"We offer a wide range of settings, both for strength and endurance training, independently, guided by a pt or in group exercise. We also want to be an easily accessible, low-threshold gym for first-timers. The framework also enables athletes to train," says Fitness 24Seven's marketing coordinator Anna Mero.

If your nearest Fitness24Seven gym does not offer personal trainer´s  services, for example, you can book a free wellness survey at the next nearest gym where the service is available. The service offering of individual gyms can be found on the gyms' websites.

Some gyms also offer equipment guidance free of charge.

"You should take advantage of equipment guidance if you're nervous about coming to the gym and feel like you don't know what to do with the equipment," advises Grandén

Exercise and gym training support well-being at work and reduce sickness absences

Fitness24Seven also offers group exercise and personal trainer´s  services for companies. It has often been noticed how sick absences are correlated with if the employees have not had enough activity in their everyday life or, alternatively, recovery, in which case the nervous system cannot calm down.

"Researched exercise and gym training have many effects on both physical and mental well-being. When you remember to move, eat and recover, it really makes a big difference in the overall picture. Especially in final work, the role of exercise is a very important counterbalance," Mero sums up.

Find your own style and your moment to move - forget your prejudices

At Fitness24Seven, we want to emphasize that everyone has their own style and time to exercise. The company wants to guide people towards comprehensive well-being.

Diversity is encouraged in training; not everyone needs to do a 60-minute workout at the gym many times a week for exercise to be beneficial. You can just as well do a half-hour workout on a cross trainer at the gym, practice mobility or join a body care class.

"Little by little, the stereotype of going to the gym is also starting to fade away. The important thing is that moving feels comfortable. We are also open 24 hours a day, so that everyone can find a training moment suitable for their everyday life - every visitor has their own stages of life and we want to be able to exercise throughout life," Grandén concludes.

How to pay for a Fitness24Seven membership with Edenred

With the Virike benefit, you can only pay at Fitness24Seven receptions. Do this in oreder to get your membership:

  1. Find your nearest gym and visit during reception opening hours. Fitness24Seven's helpful staff will guide you on the spot. Find hall-specific contact information.
  2. Become a member with the membership type of your choice
  3. Start training and enjoy the joy of exercise!

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