Start the year with energy and explore new hobbies

Start the year with energy and explore new hobbies

Christmas treats and New Year celebrations are behind us. Now is the time to look ahead and set your goals for the year ahead. We want to encourage you to start each year well. So include in your goals things like exercising more regularly, taking up a new hobby, finding a work-life balance, or paying more attention to recovery. We'll support you on your journey by lowering the threshold to try something new or pick up where you left off. Edenred's sports and culture benefit Edenred Virike offers you the keys to a wide range of activities, among which you're sure to find a way that suits you to relax the best.

Via milestones to victory

'New year - new me' is a classic phrase familiar to us all. But don't put yourself under too much pressure and remember that every little step or change for your well-being is good and will move you forward. Also remember to be patient, as learning new routines takes time.  

But how can we start a change and where should we even start? How to find the right balance so that the end result does not cause additional stress but increases well-being? A good goal is clear, achievable, measurable, and motivating to keep going. But the most important thing is to start. So set yourself smaller goals along your journey to well-being and start towards the finish line.  

The key to thousands of activities

Getting a gym membership is one of the most classic habits at the start of a new year. It can feel like an old-fashioned option, especially if it has not motivated you to exercise in previous years. Perhaps this time your goal is to find a new hobby that will still inspire you next year. Even if the motivation is there, for many people, finding that famous "my thing" can be easier said than done. 

Luckily for you, the sports and culture benefit can be used as a payment method in thousands of activities, and you can try out a range of new hobbies with a low threshold. So take a look at our wide range of activities and go out and find your thing! For example, arrange a date with a friend to try out something new or meet new people through new activities. Nowadays, it's easy to start a hobby even from your home thanks to different online activities, which you can find conveniently in our Merchant search. 

Edenred Virike on your journey to well-being 

At Edenred, we want to support your journey to well-being, which is why we've put together a collection of tips and suggestions to help you find the best way to move, exercise, learn new things, and, above all, recharge your batteries. Whether you prefer a peaceful yoga session or an upbeat dance class, an individual sport, or a team sport, you're sure to find something you like in our range of options. Don't forget to use your employer-supported sports and culture benefit, Edenred Virike, as a payment method for your activities - a good way to save money!