Edenred as an employer

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Is wellbeing important to you?

Do you want to be part of a company affecting the wellbeing of our citizens and develop modern service experiences for our customers?

Do you want to leave your mark into the everyday lives of Finnish employees?


If you answered yes, you possess great can-do attitude and you have IT, sales, or other expertise know-how, you just might be the next Edenredian!


We encourage you to check our current open positions. If there’s nothing suitable at the moment, let us hear from you via an open application.


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Competence at Edenred


Approximately 65 experts of their own field are working for us. Most of our employees are professionals in IT or sales, but we also have specialists is customer service, finance, marketing and HR. Either you are a Software Developer, Account Manager, Customer Care Specialist or a Project Manager, we might be able to offer you your next home.


Our five values guide the path towards our goal of building better well-being and working life for Finnish people. We strive to be the first choice as an employee benefits provider for employers, employees and merchants alike.

“Edenred is a great platform for personal and professional growth. You learn to think wider, be creative and proactive.
But the thing I appreciate the most are the people I work with.
Great team of professionals that can work together toward the goals, celebrate each other success, support in challenges and always have fun.
If you want to have a team you can bond with, Edenred is a place to be.”

Veronika Vallen, Project & Process Manager



“Through harnessing our imagination, we are able to create
inspiring ways to connect companies, users and merchants
– now and in the future.”



“We know it’s not an easy task to simplify things. Nonetheless, in all our work we aim to keep in mind how what could be the simplest way to proceed for our customers and personnel.”

Passion for customers

Passion for customers

“We do not stop developing our operations until 100 % of our customers are ready to recommend us for their friends.”



“Quality in business can only be achieved with respect. We act in a respectful manner towards all our stakeholders via taking a proactive approach, acting responsibly and honestly.”

entrepreneurial spirit


“Entrepreneurship is visible in focusing on our everyday operations development in long-term.”

Employee benefits and appreciation of well-being

Lunch benefit

We want you to eat a nutritious meal every day. It will increase your performance, provides a refreshing break and a nice moment to spend together with colleagues.

Recreational benefit

We want you to spend leisure time that supports your recovery and wellbeing. Be it a movie, a concert, a gym or downhill skiing, we support you to relax in your own way!

Commuting benefit

We support you to use public transportation. Also nature is thankful.

Support for well-being

We are allowed to have breaks in between workday, be it a coffee break, meditation or pull-up exercise. Breaks are important in building and maintaining well-being. We exercise together, do stick exercises, enjoy good food and listen to the wise advices given by experts in well-being lectures. We want to support everybody’s growth towards better life choices.

Extensive health insurance

We want you to get the best help and treatment, when you need it.

Flexibility at work

Depending of your role, we encourage you to work remotely every now and then. We use flex-time and our aim is that everyone can work when it best suits them. We don’t need to work 24/7, instead the office mostly empties around 5 pm. We respect your leisure time.


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