On this website, Edenred Finland’s other website, as well as in Edenred Finland’s mobile applications we are using various technical applications, such as long- and short-term cookies. With the help of those we collect and save information about the services used – we can also combine information that has been collected this way. The purpose of the cookies is above all to facilitate the analysis of our website traffic and improve our customer service.


You can find further information in our Privacy Policy.


A cookie is a text file, which the server saves on the hard drive of the website viewer’s computer in order to recognize the visiting user. ‘Computer’ refers also to tablet and smartphone. With the help of cookies, the service provider can offer its customers targeted product recommendations, offers and benefits and recognize the preferred language as well as develop services even more customer-friendly. The cookies are most likely accepted in the default settings of the user’s web browser, but the user can delete the cookies from the browser after the use or reject the use of cookies in the browser’s settings.

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