Save every time you use Edenred Lounari!


How to activate your card Calculate how much you can save ›

Save every time you use Edenred Lounari!


How to activate your card Calculate how much you can save ›

Why use Edenred Lounari?

Lunch benefit is the most popular employee benefit in Finland. Do you want to have more affordable meals and refreshing lunch breaks with colleagues? Lunch break outside the office refreshes and enables recovery already during working hours. Did you know, that 50 % of Finns don’t recover at all during work day?

Your employer can offer a lunch benefit either as a meal deduction from your salary or as a fringe benefit. With Edenred Lounari you get a more versatile lunch instead of a pre-packed microwave meal. Even better, lunch benefit is tax-supported, the more you use the more you can save – at least 550 € per year by using Edenred Lounari actively.


How to pay with Edenred Lounari

Three ways to pay with Edenred Lounari – in addition to Edenred’s traditional Lounasseteli:

  1. Edenred card functions like a credit card, no need for PIN code
  2. Pay with MyEdenred application: choose a place from a map or search by name
  3. Pay using your phone’s contactless payment by adding your Edenred card to Apple Pay or Google Pay


Kindly note, that no change is given back from the Lounasseteli lunch voucher. When paying with card or mobile heed the payment limits set by Tax Administration (in 2021 6,90€-10,90€).

Where can I use Edenred Lounari?

Get started by activating your card in MyEdenred. Our network covers over 15 000 restaurants around Finland. Furthermore, you can use the benefit in grocery stores! With Edenred Lounari you can purchase for example warm meals from the take-away counter, salads, filled sandwiches etc. Remember to use you Edenred Lounari even when you don’t have time to eat outside the office – from every meal costing 10 € you save 2,5€. Search places from below.

error If your card gets lost, you can block it in MyEdenred and your balance will remain at your account.
Contact the person in your company responsible for employee benefits, who will order a new card for you. Alternatively you can block the card by contacting our customer service during weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm, phone number 09-7594 2848 (Inf/mcf).

Find lunch restaurants

Our cards, vouchers and mobile payments are accepted in over 15 000 lunch restaurants in Finland.

Why can’t I see any balance in MyEdenred?

Your employer determines the date, when your balance is loaded to your MyEdenred account. Kindly contact the person in your company responsible for employee benefits for futher information.

What if my lunch costs less than 6,90€ or more than 10,90€?

If you lunch costs less than 6,90 €, this minimum sum set by Tax Authority will be debited from your lunch benefit account nevertheless. You should add either a fruit or a coffee or other optional supplement to reach the minimum payment limit! If your meal costs more than 10,90 €, you can pay the exceeding amount with other payment method.

How do I top-up my balance?

You can request a top-up in MyEdenred service, if your employer has enabled this functions for employees. Did you know, that MyEdenred is also available as a handy application for Android devices and iPhone? Your employer decides, how much and how often you can request balance.


Would you like to have a lunch benefit, sport and culture benefit or commuting benefit offered by your employer? Send us a tip and our sales team will contact your employer.