Save with lunch benefit while eating out

Lunch benefit is the most popular personnel benefit in Finland. It means for affordable meals for you and refreshing lunch break with colleagues. Lunch break outside the office refreshes and enhances recovery already during working hours. Did you know, that 50 % of Finns don’t recover at all during work day?

By offering a lunch benefit as a meal deduction or as a fringe benefit your employer encourages you to eat healthy lunch during the work day. With lunch benefit you get more versatile lunch instead of a pre-packed microwave meal. Even better, lunch benefit is tax supported, for example with a fringe benefit you’ll pay 7,50 € of the lunch costing 10 € since your employer supports the lunch by paying 2,50 €. You can save up to 550 € per year by utilizing lunch benefit actively.


This is how easy it’s to use Edenred card

  • You can utilize your benefit right after your card is activated and your employer has loaded balance – check your balance in MyEdenred
  • no PIN code required, confirm your purchase by signing the receipt or show it from your mobile phone
  • The Finnish Tax Administration defines the yearly payment limits for lunch benefit: in 2020 the minimum limit for single payment is 6,80 € and will be debited, even when your purchase costs less. The maximum payment limit is 10,70 € if your meal costs more than that can pay the rest with other means of payment.


Go to MyEdenred Card activation instructions

Find lunch restaurants

Our cards, vouchers and mobile payments are accepted over 14.500 lunch restaurants in Finland.

credit_card  Edenred card and mobile payment

  • your employer usually loads lunch benefit according to a payroll cycle
  • an exact amount of the meal is debited from your benefit account – no money wasted!
  • you can either pay with card or mobile phone according to the situation, contactless payment feature included
  • you can add your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay


error If your card is lost, you can block it and the balance is visible in MyEdenred. Contact our customer service during weekdays between 9 am-4 pm 09-7594 2848 (Inf/mcf) or your company’s HR-personnel, who will order you a new card.

note  Lunch voucher

  • Edenred’s traditional lunch voucher has a history dating back to the 1974
  • your employer gives you vouchers worth of 9,10 € – 10,70 €, which are means of payment solely for personal use, accepted widely in restaurants around Finland
  • Notice! No change is given back from vouchers


Would you like to have a lunch benefit, sport and culture benefit or commuting benefit offered by your employer? Send us a tip and our sales team will contact your employer.