Lunch benefit

What lunch benefit is all about?

Lunch benefit is the most popular personnel benefit in Finland.

By offering a lunch benefit as a meal deduction or as a fringe benefit your employer encourages you to eat healthy lunch during the work day.

You can use lunch benefit in over 14.500 restaurants in Finland.

You’ll save money by using lunch benefit. For example with a fringe benefit you’ll pay 7,50 € of the lunch costing 10 € since your employer supports the lunch by paying 2,50 €. You can save up to 550 € per year by utilizing lunch benefit actively.

Payment limits are set yearly by Finnish tax authority. In 2019 minimum payment limit is 6,60 € and maximum is 10,50 €. This means that you can use lunch benefit (Lounasseteli™ lunch vouchers, Edenred card or MyEdenred mobile payment) to pay you lunch, which cost between 6,60 € and 10,50 €. However, if your lunch cost less than 6,60 €, then the minimum amount set by Finnish tax authority will be charged anyway. And if your lunch cost more than 10,50 €, for instance 12 €, then you can use your lunch benefit to pay 10,50 € and use other means of payment to pay 1,50 €.

The lunch benefit payment limits for 2018, set by Finnish tax authority

Edenred card (former Ticket Duo®)


  • Your employer (or you if your employer has enabled this feature) loads balance to your card online. Usually loads for lunch benefit are made monthly.
  • The exact sum of the service is debited from the card, so no money will be wasted.
  • The card is valid for 2 years.
  • If you lose your card, you can block it and your remaining value will be safe on your account. You can block your card by contacting your employer or by contacting our customer service during business days from 9.00 am until 4.00 pm.
  • If you have any questions of your benefit, please contact the person in your company who is responsible for personnel matters


Use mobile payment

  • If you have Edenred card, you have also the mobile payment possibility
  • You can pay using your mobile phone’s My Edenred application
  • If you are using iPhone, add your card to Apple Pay  (Please note that you can’t add to Apple Pay a card that has a contactless payment icon)
  • If you are using Android device, add your card to Google Pay (Please note that you can’t add to Google Pay a card that has a contactless payment icon)


Lounasseteli™ voucher

  • Your employer gives you Lounasseteli™ vouchers to pay lunches. The face values of vouchers are between 8,90 € – 10,50 €.
  • Please note that no change is given back from the vouchers.



This is how easy it’s to use Ticket Duo® card

  • You can utilize your card right after it’s activated and your employer loads balance to the card.
  • You can follow your transaction history on MyEdenred.
  • Places where to use your employee benefit card can be searched from Edenred’s search engine.
  • Card works as any other debit card and the payment is done at the payment terminal.
  • Payment is verified by signing a receipt that is printed from payment terminal. Contactless payment is working as well. Card doesn’t have a PIN code.
  • Payment limits are set yearly by Finnish Tax Authority. In 2019 the maximum payment limit is 10,50 € and minimum 6,60 €. Please note, meals valued under 6,60 € and paid with Edenred’s cards or mobile payment, the minimum payment of 6,60 € will still be charged.


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Our cards, vouchers and mobile payments are accepted over 14.500 lunch restaurants in Finland.


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