Easter Virike tips and long holidays are here!

Easter Virike tips and long holidays are here!

Soon it will be time to head for the Easter activities and extended holidays again. We put together a few activities that are easy to tackle with a low threshold and, of course, using Edenred Virike!

To ski in Lapland

Onko suuntanasi vielä pohjoisen lumiset nousuladut, lumikenkäkävelyt tai hiihtoretket? Edenredin Virike-edulla voit maksaa niin vuokravälineet kuin hissiliput kymmenissä Suomen laskettelukeskuksissa. Tiesitkö, että

Are you still heading for the snowy slopes of the north, snowshoe walks or ski trips? With Edenred's Virike benefit, you can pay for both rental equipment and lift tickets in dozens of ski resorts in Finland. Did you know that

Spring break is celebrated in Ruka at Easter time?
That you can go snowshoeing, snow surfing and free skiing in Pyhä?
Slopes are still open in Levi?

Holidays on the big screen

Are Dumbledore's secrets out yet? Did Hercule Poirot find out who was behind the tragedy on the Nile? Reserve your days off and take your time with new movies and movie treats. You will be accompanied to movie experiences by e.g.

Kino Tapiola
Kino Laika
Korjaamo Kino

Jump into airy experiences

The wind ruffles the hair in the free flight tunnel located at the Redi mall in Fööni. Experience what flying really feels like and grab the Easter flight offers. Of course, you can pay for your airy experience with Edenred Virike!

Towards the heights

Have you already tried bouldering or rope climbing? Our places of use include dozens of climbing halls around Finland. Have you already had time to get to know, for example

KiipeilyAreena Ristikko's new shiny hall?
Tampereen kiipeilykeskus's bouldering and wall climbing halls?
Kipeilykeskus K2, a newcomer to Turku?
Kuopion Voema's bouldering paradise?

Sweat workouts outdoors

Are you longing for a good sweat workout, but the Easter sun's rays attract you to outdoor sports? At the outdoor gym, you can combine both in the same package! For example, at Rautaranta in Sörnäinen, Helsinki, you can lift maxi weights with sunglasses on your forehead.

Awaken your inner Einstein

Dive into the world of science and insights at Heureka. See the world with new eyes through captivating Heureka glasses and let the versatile program take you with you. Warning: You can spend the whole day here regardless of age, and you might also find your inner Einstein!

Get on the saddle

Is it time to finally get in the saddle? Book your lesson or riding excursion and relax in the best way: on the back of a horse. Check out the riding places in your neighborhood in our Merchant search that offer time with horses with Edenred's Virike benefit!

Go bowling!

You can experience the joy of full pours in several bowling alleys around Finland! Book your own bowling turn, for example at one of the following establishments:

Kampin keilahalli
Lohjan keilahalli
Lahden keilahalli
Kuopion keilahalli


You can search for more Easter activities in our Merchant search. After finding an interesting place, be sure to check the company's own website for Easter opening hours.

Aurinkoista ja virkistävää pääsiäisen aikaa!