Edenred lunch benefit can be used to pay for Wolt deliveries


Thanks to Edenred’s and Wolt’s collaboration, you can use your Edenred Lounari to pay for Wolt meal deliveries.


Edenred & Wolt have teamed up to enable people to use Edenred Lounari to pay for meals ordered through Wolt. Edenred Lounari users who have an Edenred digital solution can use it to pay for Wolt when ordering from Wolt’s website wolt.com.

Enabling lunch orders for thousands of people every day


Finnish employees is accustomed to eating a ‘proper lunch’ at lunch restaurants, and many employers offer a lunch benefit to their employees to subsidize these meals, and support employee well-being. Social isolation and the closing of restaurant dining areas has caused a significant change to many employees’ normal eating habits.

The ability to use the Edenred Lounari to pay for Wolt deliveries means that employees can continue to get proper lunches and lunch breaks even when working from home. In addition, by ordering, they support their local restaurants in these challenging times.

Lunch benefit can now be used to pay for home delivery


In response to guidelines for people to stay home, and the government mandate closing restaurant dining areas, the tax authority has eased the restrictions on usage of the lunch benefit. Lunch benefit can now be used to pay for meal deliveries.

“We’ve received a lot of inquiries about whether Edenred Lounari can be used to pay for lunches delivered by Wolt. The challenge has been how to technically separate the payment for the food from the payment for the delivery since the tax authority has been clear that the lunch benefit can only be applied towards food. Fortunately, the Finnish Tax Authority has eased the restrictions and now allow the lunch benefit to be used to pay for delivery. This made it easier for us to come up with a solution with Wolt,” explains Peter Hiltunen, Managing Director of Edenred Finland.

“The innovation and co-operation with Wolt has been extremely quick and professional, and we are excited to have Edenred Lounari as the first lunch benefit payment method in Wolt” Peter concludes.

“We’ve also been receiving loads of requests regarding the usage of lunch benefit on Wolt and due to the very efficient cooperation with Edenred, we’re happy to announce that the first lunch benefit payment method is now available,” continues Henrik Pankakoski, General Manager of Wolt in Finland.


How to add your Edenred card to Wolt’s payment options


Edenred lunch benefit users who have a digital solution (card and/or mobile) can add their Edenred card as a Wolt payment option by logging in or registering on Wolt’s website: wolt.com

Step-by-step instructions can be found here ›

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use my lunch benefit to pay for both food and the delivery cost?


Why can’t I use this in my Wolt application on my phone?

Edenred and Wolt have sought to get this much requested capability out as quickly as possible, and developing it for the web browser was the quickest option.
Note that you can still use your phone to place the order: just use your phone’s web browser to access wolt.com and place the order there.

How do I add my Edenred lunch benefit to Wolt?
I have paper lunch vouchers from Edenred (‘Lounasseteli’) Can I use those to pay for Wolt?

No. Paper lunch vouchers cannot be used to pay for Wolt.
Note: If your employer would like to order the card+mobile or mobile-only solution for you, read more here ›

I am having trouble adding my Edenred information into Wolt. Where can I get help?

Please contact Wolt’s customer service through support@wolt.com or Wolt’s chat service, which is available both on the Wolt app as well as wolt.com


Edenred is Finland’s leading employee benefits provider. Edenred partners with over 15 000 companies to promote everyday well-being. Our benefit portfolio includes lunch, sports & cultural, massage and transport benefits which are accepted by over 26 000 merchants across Finland.
Wolt is a technology company that makes it incredibly easy to discover and get great food, delivered to your home or office. The Helsinki-based company has operations in 22 countries and 80 cities, serving food from over 10,000 restaurants with over 20,000 courier partners. The company was founded in 2014, has 5 million registered users, employs approximately 900 people today, and is led by its co-founder and CEO Miki Kuusi. Wolt has raised €150M in funding from investors including ICONIQ Capital, Highland Europe, 83North, EQT Ventures, Inventure, Lifeline Ventures, Supercell founder & CEO Ilkka Paananen and former Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa, among others.

For more information:

Edenred: Peter Hiltunen, Managing Director, Edenred Finland. 050 595 0909, peter.hiltunen@edenred.com

Wolt: Henrik Pankakoski, 044 477 7498, henrik.pankakoski@wolt.com

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