Use your Virike benefit for winter sports

Use your Virike benefit for winter sports

Sun and powder snow covered slopes, hot cocoa and quality time with loved ones; sounds like the perfect winter day to be spent at ski resorts all over Finland! Gorgeous landscapes and cold weather are already inviting Virike users to winter activities. 

Versatile ways of use

Year after year, ski resorts are among the most popular of the thousands of Edenred Virike locations - and for good reason. With the sun shining and the frost biting, winter sports are a great pastime. Finland is full of ski resorts from Uusimaa to Lapland - so there's no need to go 'fishing further out to sea'. The centres offer a range of opportunities for beginners and more experienced experts alike.

Ski resorts in our Virike network:

Southern Finland

Central Finland

Northern Finland

Discover your inner winter athlete

Are you tempted by downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or perhaps snowshoeing? You can use Edenred Virike for lift tickets or equipment rental. You can also conveniently pay for your lunch on an outdoor day with Edenred Lunch. So head out to have fun and hit the slopes or the ski trails - there are as many styles as there are Virike users.

Something for everyone

Of course, the possibilities of using the Virike benefit in winter are not only limited to ski trails and slopes. In addition to these, you can activate yourself in the centers' many other possibilities, there is surely something for everyone.

Many ski resorts have a bowling alley if you're looking for an evening of fun and excitement. If you need to unwind, larger ski resorts often have a spa and cinema. See also the other activities at the winter resorts, for example Levi's arctic adventure park Arcandia offers a touch of Lapland magic for dark evenings.    

So go and enjoy a winter wonderland of your own with Edenred's sports and culture benefit! Find all the places of use in our Merchant search.

Employer, do you already offer our sports and culture benefit to your staff? Find out more and order the Edenred Virike here.