Use Edenred Lounari to pay in Wolt


Edenred lunch benefit works also in Wolt

Edenred & Wolt have teamed up to enable people to use the Edenred lunch benefit to pay for meals ordered through Wolt’s website. You can continue to benefit from employer-subsidized lunches even while working from home. In addition, by ordering, you support your local restaurants.


Lunch benefit can now be used to pay for delivery

You can use your lunch benefit to pay for Wolt food and delivery fees. Please note that the maximum payment with your lunch benefit per meal can be 11,30 € (2022). If the meal costs more, you can pay the rest with Wolt credits.

How to use Edenred lunch benefit with Wolt

More instructions on Wolt website ›


Add Edenred as a payment method

In your Wolt profile section “Payment methods” choose “Add new card” and select it as the primary payment method.


Add Wolt credits to your account

You can pay for 11,30 € of your Wolt bill with your Edenred lunch benefit. If the total is more than that, you’ll need to pay those using Wolt credits.
How to buy Wolt credits

Buy credits in Wolt’s Gift Card Shop ›



Order using a web browser

You can pay with Edenred when using Wolt on your browser on your computer or mobile device.

Currently, not available in the Wolt mobile application. 

Questions about using your lunch benefit with Wolt? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions