Use your Edenred lunch benefit to pay in Wolt


Edenred lunch benefit works in Wolt

Edenred & Wolt have teamed up to enable people to use the Edenred lunch benefit to pay for meals ordered through Wolt’s website. You can continue to benefit from employer-subsidized lunches even while working from home. In addition, by ordering, you support your local restaurants in these challenging times.


Lunch benefit can now be used to pay for delivery

In order to ease the financial difficulties caused by the coronavirus, the Tax Administration has made temporary changes to its decision on fringe benefits. Until 31.12.2020, the lunch benefit can be used to pay also the meal delivery fees. This means you can use your lunch benefit to pay for Wolt food and delivery fees.

How to use Edenred lunch benefit with Wolt

More instructions on Wolt website ›


Add Edenred as a payment method

In your Wolt profile section “Payment methods” choose “Add new card” and select it as the primary payment method.


Add Wolt credits to your account

You can pay for 10,70€ of your Wolt bill with your Edenred lunch benefit. If the total is more than that, you’ll need to pay those using Wolt credits.
How to buy Wolt credits

Buy credits in Wolt’s Gift Card Shop ›



Order using a web browser

You can pay with Edenred when using Wolt on your browser on your computer or mobile device.

Currently, not available in the Wolt mobile application. 


FAQ – Wolt and Edenred

Can I use my lunch benefit to pay for both food and the delivery cost?

Yes. Until 31.12.2020 the tax authority has authorized the use of lunch benefits to pay for meal delivery fees.

Why can’t I use this in my Wolt application on my phone?

Edenred and Wolt have sought to get this much requested capability out as quickly as possible, and developing it for the web browser was the quickest option. Note that you can still use your phone to place the order: just use your phone’s web browser to access and place the order there.

How do I add my Edenred lunch benefit to Wolt?

See the instructions above. You can find more detailed instructions on Wolt’s website ›

I have paper lunch vouchers from Edenred (‘lounasseteli’) Can I use those to pay for Wolt?

No. Paper lunch vouchers cannot be used to pay for Wolt.
Note: If your employer would like to order the card+mobile or mobile-only solution for you, please have them visit Edenred’s website to order ›

I am having trouble adding my Edenred information into Wolt. Where can I get help?

Please contact Wolt’s customer service through or Wolt’s chat service, which is available both on the Wolt app as well as when you are logged in at