Payment with contactless payment and without signature

Payment with contactless payment and without signature

Our physical payment cards, the Edenred card, and the Edenred Transport card of course also include a contactless payment feature that makes payment smooth. The feature can be used at all locations in Edenred's network with a payment terminal supporting contactless payment. The customer no longer needs to confirm the payment transaction with a signature.

Contactless payment with Edenred's payment methods

Edenred's payment cards are Mastercard-based, which means that – just like other bank cards – a contactless payment limit of 50 € applies to them. Purchases of less than 50 € can be done easily by taking the card next to a payment terminal that supports contactless payment. If the payment transaction exceeds this limit, the card is inserted into the payment terminal and the payment is made conveniently via the chip – without a PIN code.

If the customer has connected their Edenred card to Apple Pay or Google Wallet and makes a contactless payment using these payment methods, the phone will ask for additional identification either with a fingerprint, code, or Face ID (depending on the phone and operating system).

Signatureless payment

Requesting a signature for card payments is an old practice that went out of use in 2020. So whether the payment was made today with a contactless payment or with a chip, Edenred's card payments do not require a signature or PIN code for confirmation. Even if the signature line is printed on the receipt automatically, there is no need to ask the customer for a signature.

Please note that the service provider always has the right to check the identity of the payer to make sure that the card is being used by its legal holder.

Good to know

The payment terminal may from time to time ask you to insert the card into the payment terminal when making a contactless payment, even if the amount is less than 50 €. This is normal practice with Mastercard-based cards, and the card should then be entered into the payment terminal. Since Edenred cards do not require a PIN code, entering the card is enough to verify and confirm the payment.

In matters related to the update of the payment terminal or other problem situations, please contact your payment terminal provider!

Psst! Did you know that our payment cards are made out of recycled material?