Max's summer job at Edenred led him to sales and customer service

Max's summer job at Edenred led him to sales and customer service

In the spring of 2022, Max applied for a position as a summer employee at Edenred Finland - and he is still on that path. A pleasant and mobile summer job in marketing that took him around Edenred's partner restaurants led him to become the seasonal seller of the Delicard gift card service in the fall, and from the beginning of 2023, Max has strengthened Edenred's customer service team.

"I originally applied when the job ad said that this summer job could be perfect with a friend and then I tipped my friend Santer that this kind of position could be pretty fun for the summer. It was great to be able to work with a friend. "


Applying paid off - both Max and Santeri got the job. Max had finished his undergraduate studies at the University of Economics and Business, which he completed in the spring in Barcelona. That's why Edenred's summer job announcement couldn't have come at a better time. He was not familiar with Edenred as a company from his past, other than through Lounari –  he had used lunch vouchers himself at his previous workplace and remembers that his parents used them as well. Soon both Edenred and the products were very familiar.

Summer job at Edenred with a work pair was as nice as it sounded 

In addition to the really nice-sounding summer job, Max was impressed by Edenred's quick actions in the recruitment phase and the fact that, as a company offering employment benefits, Edenred also offered fair employment benefits to summer employees.

"I would have had another job offer, but Edenred took the win. The employee benefits during the summer job were a really nice surprise and bonus."

The summer job included visiting the partner restaurants that receive Edenred's Lounar, distributing marketing material and talking with restaurateurs. The task was to help partner restaurants tell and market their customers that they accept Lounar. At the same time, it was also a great opportunity to get to know partners and meet restaurateurs.

One of the best aspects of the job for Max was the sociability, such rewarding moments of conversation with restaurateurs as the fact that you could work as a team with a work pair.

"I did a few days by myself, but yes, for example, the distances from one restaurant to another and, in general, working days are much more fun with a work pair –  the time passed quickly."

In an independently planned summer job up to 70 visited partner restaurants

A total of three different work pairs of Edenred's "restaurant ambassadors" went around the restaurants during the summer. The employees could plan the course of the day and the route themselves, so that the working day would run as smoothly as possible.

"The record for visited restaurants in the city center was about 70 restaurants, but in areas where the restaurants were further apart, you could manage about 20 restaurants a day. It was nice to have the freedom to plan my own schedules," says Max.

Working at Edenred in three different roles has strengthened the vision of future career

When the summer job was done and dusted, Max got a position at Edenred in seasonal sales of the Delicard® gift card service. Although the summer job had been really nice, Max found selling in a new way rewarding, when the results were directly reflected in the sales figures.


"I got a different responsibility in telephone sales, and it expanded a lot the overall picture of the company as well. I got into the deep end in sales, and learned by doing."


When the Delicard seasonal sale ended at the end of the year, Max moved on to the next department at Edenred: customer service. At first, he served beneficiaries on the B2C side, and then moved to B2B business customers as well.

"Being at customer service has been really educational, you can learn a lot about the products we offer, and it's nice to hear from customers about their development wishes."


Extensive experience at Edenred from three departments and with all three target groups has also offered Max, who will continue his studies in the fall, ideas on what he wants to focus on in his master's year; both marketing and sales interest him. He could well imagine returning to Edenred after his studies:

"The best thing has been to become a part of this work community, where there is a completely different spirit of togetherness than what I have experienced before," Max concludes.


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