Working day calendar 2020

Working day calendar for the next year is now published. The calendar shows you the approximate number of working days per month. Working day calendar 2020

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HRx Saara Tikkanen

Wellbeing is a part of the workday experience and vice versa

Saara Tikkanen, Edenred’s Head of People and Culture I was honored to talk about wellbeing as a part of a working day experience at the HRx event in November 2018. In this blog post I will tell you everything I was talking about in a nutshell. Wellbeing is holistic and individual When it comes to […]

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Saara Tikkanen

Work wellbeing is built everyday

Saara Tikkanen – Edenred’s Head of People and Culture How many times have I heard that it is difficult for an employer to really influence the wellbeing of an employee. That wellbeing is much more than just a sport voucher. In creating employee experience hygiene factors are a bit like a zero-level stuff compared to more […]

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You can now buy HSL mobile tickets with your Ticket Transport® card

Edenred Finland and HSL have now started a collaboration, which has enabled the purchase of HSL mobile tickets with Edenred’s commuting benefit. Those Edenred customers who are using the Ticket Transport® card are able to purchase tickets with the HSL-application in the Helsinki Metropolitan area. When using the HSL-application the phone functions as the ticket. […]

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Maximum limit for contactless payment increases to 50 euros on 12.4.2019

The contactless card transaction limit will be raised from 25 euros to 50 euros on the 12th of April 2019. Mastercard, along with the other card payment schemes and issuing banks, wants to encourage contactless payments and has thus enabled a higher transaction limit. However, the change requires payment terminals to be updated. Such updates may […]

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VAT will change on 1.1.2019

  VAT of vouchers has been changed on 1.1.2019 due to EU directive and law. In this case the voucher is meaning both vouchers and card solutions.  The reason for the change is to have similar guidelines for voucher treatment in VAT point of view. Due to the change, VAT 24% is added to service […]

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Working day calendar 2019

Working day calendar for 2019 is published. From the calendar you can see how many business days there is in each month. However, these business days are directional and correct days will be determined by your company.   Working day calendar 2019

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Important information for Merchants

  Reimburse vouchers on time. Please remember to reimburse vouchers expiring in 2018 on time. The validity of the note is indicated on the left margin of the voucher.     Lunch vouchers, expiring on 31.12.2018, must be returned to Edenred for registration no later than 15.1.2019. We do not accept outdated vouchers that are […]

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Lunch benefit values for 2019

Tax authority has confirmed meal benefit values for year 2019: minimum value is 6,60 € and maximum value 10,50 €.

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Lunch benefit limits for 2018

In 2018 lunch benefit payment limits are €6.50 and €10.40.

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