Employee benefits with Edenred card

Order lunch and/or Virike benefit ›


Employee benefits with Edenred card

Order lunch and/or Virike benefit ›

Order Edenred’s lunch and/or sport and culture benefit for your employees

Edenred card is a popular payment method for employee benefits. With Edenred card, employers can offer their employees lunch and/or sport and culture benefits, on a single card. You can manage Edenred cards and load orders easily via the ordering tool. With the Edenred card one can pay in tens of thousands of places in our network!


This is how you order employee benefits and Edenred card:

  1. Make the card contract easily online.
  2. We’ll send order tool credentials to you by email.
  3. Order cards and load balance to them. We’ll mail cards straight to your employees.
  4. After activating their cards the benefits are ready for employees’ to use!


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Pay for lunches, sports and cultural services with the Edenred card


Edenred Lounari

In accordance with the Tax Administrator’s instructions, employees can have lunch benefit for each working day of each month (average 21 days/month) and the benefit can be used to pay meals according to the minimum and maximum values determined annually by Tax Administration.  The card is accepted in over 15 000 lunch places!

Edenred Lounari ›

Edenred Virike

Edenred’s sports and cultural benefit, Edenred Virike, is tax-free for 400 €/year per employee. Edenred Virike already has more than 9000 places of use and the benefit can also be used to pay for online training.

Edenred Virike ›

Our benefit selection also includes Edenred Transport and Edenred Massage.

Increase your employees well-being with Edenred’s employee benefits

Edenred is a pioneer in payment solutions and the market leader in Finland – our benefits are used by over 18 000 client companies’ half a million employees.

In our network, we have over 27 000 service providers all over Finland.

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Paying with Edenred card is easy and effortless

  • The card is used to pay in the normal way at the checkout terminal, and purchases of less than 50 € can be made with contactless payment.
  • With the Edenred card, you can also add your card to Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • The Edenred card does not require a PIN code and the card is always charged according to the actual value of lunch or service. Note! The card will be charged the minimum value of the lunch benefit specified by the Taxpayer (7,15 € in 2022), even if the purchase is below the minimum value.
  • The card is valid for two years.


The handy MyEdenred app makes using the benefits even easier

  • We recommend that Edenred card users download Edenred’s own MyEdenred application to their smartphone. In MyEdenred you can check e.g. the remaining balance of the benefits and charges.
  • Cardholders can also pay with MyEdenred on their mobile! Edenred Pay is MyEdenred’s own payment method that does not even require a payment terminal at the point of use.
  • In addition, an employee may request balance top-up requests from MyEdenred if you, as your employer, have enabled this feature.


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