Edenred card

Sport and culture benefit card with a possibility to lunch benefit
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Edenred card

Sport and culture benefit card with a possibility to lunch benefit
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What is Edenred -card?

With Edenred card (former Ticket Duo®) you can offer for your personnel lunch benefit and sport and cultural benefit on a one card! Card includes two wallets; one for lunch benefit and another for sport and cultural benefit. You can load either just lunch benefit or sport and cultural benefit or both.

The Edenred card is accepted over 15 000 lunch places and over 9 000 sport and cultural places, including R-kiosks where event tickets can be purchased.

Unused recreational benefit will be returned to the employer

You can manage Edenred cards and load orders easily via online tool. Additionally, all necessary reports such as report of load orders for accounting can be downloaded.


This is how it works

Payments will be done with Edenred card at the cash register as you would do with other payment cards. Card has also a contactless payment and possibility to add a card to Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Edenred card does not have a pin-code. The exact sum of the service is deducted from the card. This way money isn’t wasted.

Card is valid for two years. It’s advisable for card users to load MyEdenred application to their smart phones where the balance and transaction history can be easily followed. In addition, card users can order balance through MyEdenred if you as a employer have enabled this feature.

Mobile payment for free

All Edenred card users can pay their sport and cultural services with mobile phone:

  • With Edenred Pay, through MyEdenred-application
  • If the beneficiary has iPhone,  Edenred card can be added to Apple Pay
  • If the beneficiary has Android phone, Edenred card can be added to Google Pay



This is how easy it’s to order benefit for your personnel

    • Make card contract easily online.
    • We’ll send order tool credentials to you by email.
    • Order cards and then loads to them. We’ll mail cards straight to the employees and benefits are in their use!
    • When you make a card contract online, you’ll save 25 % at the card prices.

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Our cards, vouchers and mobile payments are accepted over 15 000 lunch restaurants and over 9 000 sport and recreational places in Finland.


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