Versatile benefits give you an advantage in recruitment

Versatile benefits give you an advantage in recruitment

Employee benefits improve employer image and help companies recruit new employees regardless of industry. When the competition for employees gets tougher, companies should take advantage of all opportunities to stand out. Edenred's employee benefits help thousands of companies take care of their employees' well-being and coping. At the same time, companies get an excellent opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

A positive employer image helps in the recruitment

Whether it's social media, coffee table conversations, or casual exchange of information, satisfied employees communicate their everyday life more openly in a positive tone and thereby create positive images towards their employers. In the same way as restaurants and other service providers, good employers are also gladly recommended to friends, acquaintances, and members of one's own network. Recommendations are a strong form of commitment and the more good images are associated with the company, the more likely potential new employees will be interested in the company as a place of employment.

Recently, there has been extensive discussion in the media about the labor shortage that plagues Finnish companies. A positive employer image helps companies find employees in many fields in the increasingly difficult recruitment process. The lack of skills in the Finnish labor market is also signaled by the thousands of open jobs. It is especially difficult for companies in the service industries and construction industry to find suitable staff.

Employee benefits are an easy and cost-effective way to improve the company's image as an employer. A company that concretely and financially invests in the well-being of its employees stands out when job seekers and professionals planning to change jobs or fields compare the offer.

Tax-free employment benefits are cost-effective

By offering Edenred's employment benefits, every employer can concretely show that they care about the well-being of their personnel. The goal of supporting employee well-being is easy to write in the company's strategy documents, but offering employee benefits means moving from words to actions.

Employee benefits offered to employees are often tax-free, which lowers the threshold for offering benefits. The tax exemption requires that the same benefits are offered to the entire staff. In addition, annual tax exemption maximum amounts for each employee have been defined for various benefits, the amount can reach up to thousands of euros per year. Therefore, investing in the well-being of the personnel is not only easy but also cost-effective.   

Edenred's benefits increase employee well-being

Edenred is an enabler of everyday well-being that is already trusted by thousands of customer companies and tens of thousands of service providers. In addition, we are the market leader in employee benefits in Finland – after all, half a million employees around the country already use our benefits. You can find out more about our benefits by continuing to read!

Edenred Lounari 

The lunch benefit is the most popular employee benefit in Finland and no wonder! Companies offering Edenred Lounari encourage employees to take a restorative lunch break. Our lunch network is the most comprehensive in Finland and guarantees a delicious lunch break every working day. Did you know that the benefit can also be used around the clock, regardless of the day of the week?

Edenred Virike 

The sports and culture benefit offers employees an excellent opportunity to refresh themselves with leisure activities supported by the employer. Edenred Virike soothes the body and mind and is used as a means of payment in thousands of places of use all over Finland.

Edenred Massage

Edenred Massage helps employees recover and relax in everyday life. Regular visits to massages also prevent sick leave and reduce stress.

Edenred Transport

Our comprehensive selection of benefits also includes the commuting benefit, Edenred Transport, which encourages environmentally friendly travel. The benefit also communicates the employer's responsibility, as encouraging public transport is an environmental act that supports the values of sustainable development.  

Both employer and employee benefit from the benefits

Edenred's employee benefits have many positive effects on the company's operations. Satisfied and well-being employees are efficient employees. When things are going well in the company, employees are committed and sickness absences are reduced. Offering employee benefits is therefore a long-term investment in the company's future.

Employee benefits also signal the company's responsibility, as a responsible employer shows that it cares about its employees and appreciates their work. The versatile benefits help companies find the best talent, as they can thus prove that they support the comprehensive well-being of their personnel. From Edenred's comprehensive selection of benefits and its versatile payment solutions, you will surely find an option that suits the needs of every company.