Use your lunch benefit also in remote work

Use your lunch benefit also in remote work

Remote work is the new normal, and no wonder, because working from home often helps to balance work and free time. Fortunately, Edenred Lounari works where you work, so the lunch benefit is the best friend of both local and remote workers!

Make versatile use of Lounari regardless of time and place

The lunch benefit is not tied only to lunch time, so you can use your benefit around the clock, every day of the week. Work tasks and hours vary considerably these days, and we cannot assume that every business name fits into traditional office hours. That's why it's important that our interest also works when we need it. Despite this, the benefit is still specific to the working day and intended to be used once a day.

Pay for eligible meals in grocery stores as well

The versatility of Edenred Lounari also extends to the grocery stores in our network! With the lunch pass, you can buy, for example, hot meals from the take-away service counter, salads from the salad bar, dishes from the sushi counter and stuffed breads made in the store. A good guideline is that meals prepared and/or packaged in the store are covered by the benefit.

This means that ready-made meals, groceries or other consumables are naturally not eligible to be paid with interest.

Don't forget the payment limits set by the Tax Administration

Please remember to always take into account the minimum and maximum limits of the lunch allowance when paying with the lunch allowance. If the meal costs more than the maximum amount determined by the Tax Administration, you can always pay the excess with another payment method, such as your own bank card.

Also take into account the minimum limit: even if your purchase costs less than the annual minimum limit and you pay it with your lunch allowance, we must charge the amount according to the minimum limit. In this case, consider paying with your own bank card or add a product included in the lunch allowance to your purchase so that the minimum amount is exceeded and money is not wasted!

Check the current payment limits for the lunch allowance here.

How do I order food home?

The tax administration has made it possible to use the lunch allowance for home delivery costs as well, so you can order food directly to your home and pay for it with your benefit! You can usually order food by calling the restaurant or directly via its website. If you pick up the food yourself, you can usually handle the payment conveniently when you pick it up.

Remember to confirm the restaurant-specific order and payment policy when ordering.

Note! If you order food home and use paper Lunch Vouchers, please make sure that the driver can accept them. Some restaurants can only accept card payments for home delivery.

Edenred also works in Wolt!

Open your door to the world of countless restaurants through just one app, Wolt of course! Our lunch set also works with the Wolt service, where you can use your advantage for home delivery costs as well. The service still only works with the browser version, read more here (in Finnish)

Get to know Finland's largest lunch network in Merchant Search and find all the restaurants, cafes, kiosks, catering services, food carts, and shops where you can fill your stomach with Edenred Lunch.


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