Edenred mobile payments

Three options for mobile payment

Users of Edenred’s lunch, sport and cultural benefit cards can use their mobile phone to pay for the services. Mobile payment can be done in MyEdenred application, Apple Pay and Google Pay™


Kindly note, that Apple Pay and Google Pay can only be used with Edenred cards and Ticket Duo® cards. Edenred lunch and recreational cards have a “Lounas” or “Virike” -text on the frontside and these cards are only eligible for MyEdenred mobile payment.

Apple Pay iPhoneX

Pay easily and securely with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is fast and secure payment method which works everywhere, where Edenred card (former Ticket Duo®) works and contactless payment is available.
iOS wallet

How to add Edenred card to Apple Pay

  1. Open the Wallet app and tap the + sign
  2. Follow the instructions to add a new card
  3. Select to receive a verification code by email to the address provided at myedenred.fi service or call to customer service
  4. Enter the verification code to activate your card at Wallet app


Should you have any questions, please contact our customer service at 09-7594 2848.

More about Apple Pay

Google Pay™ – contactless payment in your mobile device

Google Pay is easy and secure, contactless payment method in your Android phone. It allows you to add your Edenred card to a mobile device, in digital form. You can use Google Pay at all the locations belonging to Edenred merchant network, which are equipped with a contactless terminal reader (NFC).


How to add Edenred card to Google Pay

  1. First, download Google Pay from Google Play™ Store.
  2. Open the application and tap “Add card”
  3. Scan your Edenred card or add the card details manually.
  4. Fill in rest of the information and check that all data is correct.
  5. Read and accept Google and Edenred Terms of Service
  6. Select the way you want to verify your identity. Then wait for the verification code to arrive to the email you have provided in MyEdenred.
  7. Enter the confirmation code from your email
  8. Your Edenred card is now ready to be used in Google Pay!

More about Google Pay

Google Pay maksu
Google Pay and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC.

Pay with MyEdenred application

Download the application to your phone and you have the access to monitor your card’s balance and transaction history and also use the top up function, if the employer has enabled it. You can check the places in Edenred network, that accept mobile payments. In case the place you search for doesn’t accept MyEdenred mobile payments yet, you can send us a tip.

How to pay with MyEdenred

  1. Press “create payment” button, which is located in MyEdenred benefit page (balance and transaction history)
  2. Search lunch, sports or culture place, where you would like to pay
  3. Enter the sum
  4. Confirm the payment and show your receipt to the cashier

The application remembers five of your favourite places, hence using the app more often only needs a few clicks!

Payment guide for sport and cultural benefit

In case you don’t have the application yet, you can download the Finnish MyEdenred mobile application from your application store. Use the MyEdenred service credentials, or register as a new user – you can use the same credentials in the mobile application and MyEdenred web service.