Edenred mobile payments

Apple Pay, Google Pay and Edenred Pay

Edenred mobile payments

Apple Pay, Google Pay and Edenred Pay

Three options for mobile payment

Employees with Edenred’s lunch or sport & culture (‘Virike’) benefit can use their smartphones to pay for services. Mobile payments can be made using the MyEdenred application, Apple Pay and Google Pay™


NOTE: Apple Pay and Google Pay can only be used with the Edenred duo-card (also the virtual duo-card).
Edenred lunch and sport & culture cards which have “Lounas” or “Virike” -text on the front cannot be used with Apple Pay or Google Pay. However, these cards can be used for MyEdenred mobile payment.

MyEdenred mobile payment
Download MyEdenred from Google Play Download MyEdenred from AppStore

Paying with the MyEdenred mobile app: Edenred Pay


  1. Press the “Create Payment” button and search for the merchant you wish to pay. You can also discover places to use your benefit using MyEdenred’s map.
  2. Enter the sum you’d like to pay
  3. Confirm the payment and show the receipt to the cashier


Edenred Pay automatically remembers your 5 favorite merchants. So, if you use Edenred Pay to pay at your favorite restaurant, for example, paying is just a few clicks away!


Which merchants accept Edenred Pay as a form of payment

You can check whether a merchant accepts Edenred Pay by looking in the MyEdenred app. Simply find the merchant you’re interested in, and look for a small phone icon in their information. That phone icon means they accept Edenred Pay (ie. mobile payments via MyEdenred)


If you don’t have the MyEdenred application yet, you can download MyEdenred Finland from your application store. Sign in with your existing credentials or register as a new user. You can use the same credentials when using MyEdenred via mobile application or browser.


Instructions for how to pay with Edenred Pay


Google Pay™ – contactless payment for your Android phone


What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is an easy and secure contactless payment method available on almost all Android phones. You can use Google Pay to pay all merchants in the Edenred network who have contactless terminal readers (ie. who can accept ‘lähimaksu’).


Adding Edenred to Google Pay

Adding Edenred to Google Pay is easy. Just go into the MyEdenred mobile application, press the Google Pay banner, and follow the instructions.


Paying with Google Pay

Paying with Google Pay is easy: after adding your Edenred card (plastic or virtual) to Google Pay,  just make sure that NFC is enabled on your phone. If Edenred is set as the primary payment method, simply unlock your phone and hold it close to a contactless payment terminal and wait for the blue OK-mark. Sign the printed receipt.



More information about Google Pay

Google Pay maksu
Google Pay and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC.

Apple Pay iPhoneX


Pay easily and securely with Apple Pay


What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a fast and secure payment method that works everywhere in Edenred’s network where a contactless payment terminal is available (ie. where you can use ‘lähimaksu’). Edenred works on iPhones starting from the 6s.


Adding Edenred to Apple Pay

Adding Edenred to Apple Pay happens the same way as with any other card. Open your Apple Pay application, and choose to add a new card. If you have a plastic Edenred card, you can scan the information. If you have a virtual card, you’ll need to type the card information into Apple Pay. Follow the instructions in Apple Pay to finish the set-up.


Paying with Apple Pay

Paying with Apple Pay is easy. Simply double-click the side-button or home button, confirm either with a TouchID or FaceID, and hold the top of your iPhone close to an NFC-reader. Then, sign the paper receipt and you’re done.


Learn more about Apple Pay