A quick guide to your Edenred benefits

A quick guide to your Edenred benefits

1. Activate your Edenred card

Download the MyEdenred Finland mobile application.

2. Sign up

After you have activated your card, register to MyEdenred.

3. Make a top-up request

Check with your employer to find out whether you need to make monthly top-up requests to get new lunch balance on your MyEdenred account.

4. Enjoy your benefits

Edenred has over 24 000 restaurants, cultural & sports facilities where you can use your benefits all around Finland.

1. Activate your Edenred card


  1. Download/Open MyEdenred Finland application.
  2. Enter the 10-digit serial number from the back of your card and your social security number.
    • If you are using the mobile-only solution, you will find your virtual card’s serial number in the email you have received from Edenred.


Activation instructions


Problems with activating your card?

  1. Please make sure that you have entered the 10-digit serial number from the back of the card or from the activation e-mail of the virtual card correctly and that your whole social security number is in the right form.
  2. Remember to check your junk mail if you can’t find your virtual card’s activation email. If you need us to resend you the activation email, please get in touch with our customer service.
  3. Check with your employer to make sure they have entered your social security number correctly in the ordering system.

2. Sign up to MyEdenred


After you have successfully activated your card, create a MyEdenred account by signing up and you will have access to all the MyEdenred features.

  • In MyEdenred you can, for example, check your balance and transactions, search for places to use your benefit, and pay with the Edenred Pay mobile payment method.
  • You can access the same account through the MyEdenred application or via web browser at www.myedenred.fi.
  • If you have received a new card to replace your old or lost one, you can log in to MyEdenred with your existing account.

3. Make a top-up request to your employer


Please check with your employer whether you need to make top-up requests through MyEdenred or whether the benefit will be automatically uploaded to your account.

  1. Make a top-up request for the chosen benefit on your MyEdenred main page.
  2. Choose the amount or percentage to be uploaded and submit the top-up request.
  3. The benefit is ready to use after your employer accepts the request.


See top-up request instructions

Automatically repeating top-up request

In MyEdenred you can turn on a handy automatically repeating top-up request, after which you won’t have to remember to make the request manually every month. This means none of your valuable benefits will go to waste.

  1. Turn on the repeating top-up request in your MyEdenred top-up request page.
    • If your benefit is in euros click the “Request automatically once per month”  checkbox and request top-up.
    • If your benefit is in percentage slide the “Repeat request monthly” button right and submit the request.
  2. You can check from the request to-up page when and how much balance will be loaded to your account.
  3. You can modify or remove the repeating top-up request if needed.
  4. You can also find your transactions and check the balances uploaded to your account from the main page of MyEdenred.

4. Multiple payment options


To use your Edenred benefit, you have multiple payment options to choose from:

  1. Plastic card: If you have the plastic card from Edenred you can use it like any other bank card.
    • For the payments under 50€, you can use the contactless payment and you won’t have to sign the receipt.
  2. Apple Pay or Google Pay: You can easily add your Edenred card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and pay at all the places in Edenred’s network that accept contactless payments.
    • If you are using the mobile-only solution you can also add your virtual card (card number visible in MyEdenred app) to Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  3. Edenred Pay: You can pay with the MyEdenred application.


More on Edenred’s mobile payment options


In MyEdenred and in our places search you can check what payments each place accepts.

5. Where you can use your Edenred benefit


There are over 24 000 places in Edenred’s network.

  • You can find the places best for you from our places search where you can filter the results by location, type, hobby, or restaurant. In places search, you can also find the places that offer home delivery or take-away.
  • In MyEdenred you can conveniently see the places near you from the map.

Search places

Can’t find your favorite place in Edenred´s network?

  • If the place doesn’t accept Edenred as a payment method, let the merchant know you’d like to use Edenred to pay there and/or let us know and we will reach out to them!

Suggest a place

6. The lunch benefit


The payment limits for your lunch benefit

  • If you are using the Edenred lunch benefit, please notice that the maximum and minimum values are set each year by the Tax Authority.
  • In 2021 the minimum value is 7,15 € and the maximum value is 11,30 €.
  • This means that you can’t pay less than 7,15 € with your lunch benefit. If your lunch costs less than,15 € and you pay with Edenred, you will be charged 7,15 €
  • If your lunch costs more than 11,30 € you can pay first by using your Edenred and the rest with a second payment method (eg. cash or bank card)

An example of the savings you get by using your lunch benefit

  1. Maria’s employer has specified the daily amount of the lunch benefit to 11,30 € (the employer can decide on the daily amount they offer to their employees inside the lunch value limits).
  2. Maria uses her lunch benefit at every workday (in example month there are 21 workdays): 21 days x 11,30  € = 237,30 €.
  3. Employer will pay 25 % of the amount used: 25%: 237,30 € x 0,25=59,33 €.
  4. Maria will pay 177,98 € for the whole month’s lunches. Maria saves 25 % on every transaction.

7. Any questions?


If you didn’t find answers to your questions from these instructions, here are some more places to find information:

  1. From our support pages, you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  2. Fill the contact customer support form on our support pages and our customer service will get in touch with you.
  3. Ask our virtual customer support chat-bot Ella. Ella has answers to hundreds of different questions and you can start the conversation with her from the right corner of the page (at this moment Ella only speaks Finnish but she will learn to speak English soon!).