Meet Edenred people – Nick and numbers make a good team

Our Business Controller Nick works in Edenred’s finance department. Moving to Finland from the UK and starting a new role as Business Controller has taught him many new interesting lessons along the way. His accounting and finance studies, combined with several years of relevant work experience, ensured a smooth start for the new chapter. Since his first days at work, he has truly felt the welcoming atmosphere and international mindset at Edenred.

Feeling welcome since day one


Our colleague Nick started as Business Controller at Edenred in December 2020. Moving to Finland and starting a new job were big life changes but he quickly felt at home. Nick tells about the beginning of his Edenred career:

“I have felt very welcome at Edenred since day one! As more than half of the Finance team are not native Finnish speakers, it allowed me to adjust to foreign working life very quickly and my colleagues made me feel right at home. Working in a new country can always be a daunting prospect but just being at our offices in Vallila, you can really sense the togetherness and what it truly means to be a part of the Edenred family. “


Varying work tasks within the finance department 


Nick’s finance and accounting studies back home in England and several years of work experience within the field ensured a smooth onboarding. Nick summarizes his role in the finance team:

“My work is a mix of independent tasks and teamwork. I have a number of responsibilities that primarily focus on month-end reporting, financial forecasting, KPI reporting, and budgeting. However, handling the finances of a big, global company requires detailed coordination and a collaborative team effort. Finance is a huge web of numbers, complex Excel files, and systems that need to work according to the plan and thus, here at Edenred, teamwork is the key to success!”


Hands-on mentality and analytical skills are needed


Edenred’s finance experts work at the intersection of all the different departments. Thus, Nick’s role entails a lot of cooperation with Edenredians from other teams:

“The business world is always evolving and Finance is no exception to this. Finance, particularly here at Edenred Finland, is becoming more and more commercially focused. This essentially means that Finance is becoming more involved with other key departments and has a duty to provide key “value-add” analysis and data for department managers, to make better business decisions to help the company grow and reach its full potential. In this role, in particular, I have been working very closely with the sales and marketing teams.”

In Nick’s view, certain other qualities are also crucial in finance-related roles:

“Without a doubt, analytical skills and being good with numbers! We often need a so-called hands-on mentality as we tend to quickly change between work tasks at a fast pace. I would also say having good organizational skills is another key skill to have in a finance role. For instance, monthly reporting is always due on set dates, and often managing your workload is crucial to meeting these deadlines, as there is very little room for flexibility.


International atmosphere in the local office


Edenred operates in 46 countries and employs 10 000 people globally. This internationality is even visible in the local office in Finland as our colleagues come from all over the world. For Nick as well, moving to Finland was a leap to the unknown. Thanks to the pleasant atmosphere at the office, settling into the new country was easier than expected.

“Our Helsinki office is an incredibly diverse and cultured environment which is a joy to be a part of! At Edenred, I’ve gotten to know people from all around the world and I have learned a lot about Finnish and other cultures. I can honestly say choosing to work here at Edenred, was one of the best decisions I ever made!”


Together we create a better daily life for many


Working in each and every department of Edenred improves well-being in one way or another. Every Edenredian that opens their laptop in the morning contributes to the creation of a better daily life for half a million people working in Finland! This gives us a lot of responsibility and requires determined, value-driven work.

Let’s do it together – we look forward to hearing from you! Check our open positions or send us an open application from the link below.

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