New features in Merchant portal

We have added new features into Merchant Portal:


Three different user profiles

Merchant portal offers three different user profiles. Authorized signer has full rights when cashier and contact person profiles have limited rights. Previously, if you wanted to add new user as authorized signer, that had to be created through registration. Now you can either change existing user to authorized signer profile or invite new user to authorized signer profile.


Updated About page

We have updated the About page, which you can find from the side panel. There is now more information f.ex. about invoices and cover forms. You can also find a direct link to contact form


Small change with cover forms (voucher settlements)

There is a small change in layout of cover forms. Previously you could find your IBAN (bank account number) but it has been now removed from it. All the other information stays the same. If you want to check the current valid IBAN, you can do that in Merchant portal. If you want to update new IBAN, please contact us by contact form (can be found from About page in side panel). We do not update IBAN through phone, that needs to be done by contact form.


Registering a new merchant

The registration page has been given a new, clearer look to make registration easier.


Read more about new features in Merchant Portal.

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