Edenred’s Virike benefit gives energy to ABB’s employees

ABB is a happy Edenred customer since many years. The employees of the international technology company practice sports and enjoy culture with the support of their employer. The seamless cooperation between ABB and Edenred has a positive impact on the well-being of approximately 3,500 employees.

Sports and culture support everyday well-being

Years of experience with Edenred’s Virike benefit have shown the importance of culture and sports for the well-being of ABB’s employees. Edenred’s Virike network already includes more than 9,000 merchants and it is continuously expanding. Virike benefit thus offers endless opportunities for new sports and culture experiences – all over Finland.

Being able to take a break and enjoy recreational activities in the accelerating pace of evolving work-life truly contributes to employee well-being.,” says Hanna Saarinen, ABB’s Corporate Benefit Manager.

ABB appreciates Edenred’s versatile payment methods

Edenred was selected as ABB’s employee benefit provider as a result of a comparison between different companies. A wide range of payment methods was important for ABB. The Virike benefit can be used with a variety of different payment methods: MyEdenred mobile app, Apple Pay, Google Pay and the Edenred card.

“We consider Edenred as the best option for many reasons. We especially appreciate the variety of modern payment options”, Saarinen says.

Smooth cooperation between Edenred and ABB

More and more companies understand the role of employee benefits in employees’ everyday well-being. Edenred aims for customer-oriented cooperation and clear communication with all its corporate customers.

Saarinen explains: “At ABB, we value Edenred’s attitude. For example, technical development ideas are well received and the user experience is genuinely considered.

Edenred’s Virike benefit offers beneficiaries a wide range of sports and cultural experiences. By offering Edenred Virike, ABB can support the well-being of its thousands of employees – and everyone can freely choose how they decide to enjoy their benefit. In addition, the 9,000 merchants of Edenred’s nationwide Virike network and the wide selection of payment methods contribute to a positive customer experience.
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