Enjoy sports with Urheilukortti

The new Urheilukortti service serves as your ticket to the thrilling world of sports. With Urheilukortti, you can buy tickets to the sporting events of more than 90 sports partners cheaply and effortlessly. Download the free app and buy Urheilukortti with your Virike benefit and enjoy Finnish sports while supporting the national sports industry.


Experience the best sports events and more with a few clicks

Excitement, athletes, team spirit, fans, encouragement, victory, loss, success, and sportsmanship the spectrum of emotions is endless!
Sports are close to the hearts of many Finns and we are lucky to have such a rich selection of sports activities available nationally. We enjoy sports whatever the season, from summer to winter activities. There is a sport for everyone. Your favorite team, athlete, club logo, and chant among other fans evoke emotions and create memorable moments. That is what sports are all about!
Now you can experience those feelings in a new way with Urheilukortti (Sports Card). Launched in the fall of 2021, this service brings together the best of sports and the ease of a mobile app. It opens the door to a diverse world of sporting events, regardless of sport and interest. Best of all, you can utilize Edenred’s Virike benefit!

Mikko Vanni, Chairman of the Board of Suomen Urheilukortti Oy, explains what it is all about:

With Urheilukortti, consumers can get tickets to different sports at a lower cost and at the same time support the sports industry through Urheilukortti.” (translation)

Urheilukortti is an admission ticket to Finland’s numerous sports events while lowering the threshold for getting to know new sports. It can be purchased with its mobile app and works like a Museum Card – instead of museums, you can use it for sports.


The sports card serves as an entry ticket to sports events throughout Finland

Download the mobile application, buy Urheilukortti and get to know the activities of more than 90 sports clubs, sports federations, events, and sports partners all over Finland. The sports card network is constantly growing as new clubs and partners join in sharing the good news of the sport. In addition to spectator events, the offer is also supplemented by sports services, for example, the gym chain Fressi has already joined.
Urheilukortti is purchased through a free mobile app. The five-ticket package costs 69 euros and allows cheaper access to the events and activities of all the sports partners involved. They can be conveniently found in the app’s calendar. In addition, you can enjoy the sport with the support of your employer when you buy your Urheilukortti with Edenred’s Virike benefit.

The user of the sports card can see the events of all the clubs with them on the calendar. There has been no corresponding sports calendar with links to different ticket sales partners and covering different sports”, Mikko Vanni (translated)

The app’s comprehensive event calendar keeps you up to date with upcoming events and helps you secure your seat with just a few clicks. The search can be refined by sport, location, and time. The mobile app also offers its users plenty of benefits such as free events and discounted ticket prices. In addition, part of the ticket price can be directed to the club, federation, Olympic fund, or Paralympic fund of your choice.


Utilize your valuable employee benefits in a new way

The sports card includes 5 admission tickets for 69 euros (13.80 € / event) and, of course, the sports and cultural benefit of Edenred, the market leader in employee benefits, is also a payment option. This is a great way to take advantage of your advantage and “extend” its lifespan, as Urheilukortti is valid for 18 months from the date of purchase. You can pay for the entire Urheilukortti with your Virike benefit, as there are no maximum limits for using the benefit. If you have an unused balance for the rest of the year, Urheilukortti is a great way to spend it.


How to get Urheilukortti:

  1. Download the free Sports Card mobile app from the Apple or Google App Store.
  2. Buy Sports Card in the app.
  3. Choose Edenred as your payment method and complete your purchase.
  4. Check out the calendar of events, redeem tickets, and enjoy the drugs of sports!

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