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Story from one of our partner restaurant Bistro O Mat


Take away meals have been extremely popular during this exceptional time. Especially restaurants have been affected with strong restrictions during this spring. One way to cope with the current situation has been to sell take away – one of our partner restaurant Bistro O Mat tells how they started to sell take away meals with great success.

Päivi Palovaara tells us that Bistro O Mat started selling take away meals with great success. Bistro O Mat has restaurants in Kirkkonummi and Tapiola. They promoted the take away meals in their own Facebook channel and the popularity was positively surprising.

Our customers encouraged us to start selling take away and quickly we found out that there is clearly a demand for it. Our whole team is happy if we are able to somehow make people happy through delicious food.” – Päivi Palovaara, Bistro O Mat.

People crave comforting and delicious food, which can be challenging to prepare yourself during a busy day at work. Buying take away meals can save you a lot of time and similarly you are able to support nearby restaurants. The ‘Support your local’ campaign has helped many restaurants during challenging times, and one of them is Bistro O Mat.



Bistro O Mat is one of the favorite restaurants of Minna Salmi-Paakkari. Minna had been working remotely with her family like many other Finns during this spring. She read about Bistro O Mat’s take away offer from Facebook. “Buying take away is an easy and convenient way to get delicious food while working remotely and support your favorite restaurant” – Minna.

Minna is also glad that she is able to use her Edenred lunch benefit to pay take away meals. Päivi tells that the lunch benefit has been popular payment method among other customers too.



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Lunch benefit can be used also when working remotely

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