Meet Edenred people – Mariela has gained expertise both within customer care and AI

Our colleague Mariela joined Edenred Finland in the autumn of 2019 and has only within a few years been able to challenge herself professionally in various roles. Mariela, originally recruited for the customer care team, has gradually started to work more and more with data analytics and artificial intelligence – thanks to several interesting projects. Edenred has proved to offer great opportunities for professionals with the right attitude and aspiration to grow.

Taking into account various stakeholders through customer service and project tasks

Edenred’s customer care team supports corporate customers, their employees and Edenred merchants in a wide range of benefit-related matters. The market leader in employee benefits has 17 000 corporate customers which in total have more than half a million employees. In addition, Edenred works closely with the 25 000 merchants belonging to its Finland-wide network.

Our colleague Mariela joined Edenred’s customer care team in 2019. The customer-centered role especially developed her problem-solving and professional communication skills. Mariela soon joined various projects, such as the introduction of a new customer relationship management (CRM) system and the development of Edenred’s chatbot, Ella.

New challenges with focus on data and technology

New responsibilities within Edenred have meant continuous learning for Mariela. She graduated with a Master’s degree after combining the studies with her job at Edenred. Her determined attitude and willingness to grow did not go unnoticed by the management and the rest of the team.

“I have been able to complete my studies while working and constantly develop my own job description and responsibilities according to my strengths and interests. In my opinion, this says a lot about Edenred as an employer.”

Her proactivity in various project tasks led Mariela towards more technical roles. The work days were suddenly more and more about technology and analytics. Today, Mariela works as a Digital Customer Care Specialist and develops Ella, or Edenred’s Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Close cooperation with an international team

Mariela’s long-term projects are related to the integration of Edenred’s IT services and AI. She is also involved in global cooperation as Edenred operates in 46 countries around the world and has its headquarters Paris. In large-scale projects, Edenred Finland collaborates with international colleagues when developing certain services. Such projects are done together with many different departments and teams working in different countries, and everyone is learning from each other. Mariela says:

“My work is very diverse and requires a proactive approach to resolving issues. While my new role is very different from serving as a customer service representative, I believe that work experience is a key factor in combining technology and the customer experience. I am following with interest what the future will bring when it comes and in what direction the FinTech world will develop.”

Are you interested in Edenred as an employer? We are hiring! Our global team of 10 000 colleagues around the world demonstrate that anything is possible when you believe in what you are doing.

Creating a better everyday life requires long-term work guided by our values – let’s do it together. We look forward to hearing from you! Take a look at our on-going recruitments or send us an open application.

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