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How to activate my card?

You can activate your card in MyEdenred in no time, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Download MyEdenred Finland application from your app store or go to
  2. Open MyEdenred app and choose “Activate card”
  3. Enter the serial number from the back of the card and your social security number
  4. Sign up to MyEdenred and you can:
    • Check your balance and latest transaction
    • Pay with EdenredPay
    • Change your contact information
    • Check your card details in order to add your card as a payment method to another app
    • Request top-up if you employer allows it
    • Hint us places where you would like to use your benefit
Where and how can I use lunch benefit?

Edenred card and Edenred Lounas -card, mobile payment and lunch vouchers can be used in restaurants, fast food restaurants and lunch-cafés belonging to Edenred’s acceptance network. Our network consists of over 14 500 places.  Please note that the Finnish Tax Authority defines the annual limits for lunch benefit. In 2020 the minimum for lunch benefit is €6.80 and the maximum €10.70.

With Edenred card you can also use Apple Pay or Google Pay after adding your card to these mobile wallets – it’s fast, secure and easy.

You can see places to use the benefit from our search engine.

How can I use Edenred in Wolt?

In order to pay for you Wolt orders in Wolt website using Edenred lunch benefit, you first need to register as a Wolt user. Add your Edenred card from your profile section ‘Payment methods’.

You can pay for 10,70 of your Wolt bill with your Edenred lunch benefit. If the total is more than that, you’ll need to pay the rest using Wolt credits.

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I am unable to use my benefit during corona. Will the expiring balance be extended?

We will not extend the validity of your balance. If your benefit is expiring, we encourage you to use your remaining balance in a way that is possible today even with the corona situation going on. Read related questions and tips how to use your benefit here

Where can I check my balance?

In MyEdenred-application or at Your employer will top up the balance, and load cycle usually goes hand in hand with salary payment. You will receive more precise information about the upload and timetable from the person who is responsible from employee benefits in your company.

You can check the expiring balance from MyEdenred: from the frontpage, choose “Transactions” > “Expiries” and you will see the expiries for the next 30 days.

How does the balance top-up request work? How do I cancel repeating action?

You may request balance top-up at MyEdenred application or at and it will be forwarded to your employer. Your employer will top up the balance, and load cycle usually goes hand in hand with salary payment. This is why the request must be made beforehand, usually approximately two weeks before payroll computation. You may also set up automatic top up, whereupon your employer will automatically load the set sum. In case you wish to skip a month, cancel automatic balance top-up and set it on again in next month.

If you don’t want more benefit the next month, but you’re using repeating action, you must first disable the repeating action and make another top-up request for 0% – Cancel repeating top-up.

Alternatively, you can watch a video tutorial.

(in Finnish)

How long is my card’s balance valid?

Lunch-, recreational-, cultural and transport benefit balance is valid two years since the balance top up. You may check the expiring balance from MyEdenred application or at After the card has been dismissed (during layoff for instance), the balance validity is dependant upon the employer; 30 days unless corrective measures are made. If necessary, your employer can continue the balance validity. Discuss the validity period with your employer.

I have lost my card, what to do?

You may block the card immediately by contacting Edenred Finland’s customer service Mo-Fri 9am to 4pm (09) 7594 2848. Afterwards kindly contact your employer to order a new card. Please check from MyEdenred-service, that your address details are correct for receiving the new card.

What is the maximum and minimum payment limits for card and mobile payment?

A single payment must be in accordance with the annual maximum and minimum payment limits defined by Finnish Tax Authority. In 2020 the maximum payment limit is 10,70 € and minimum 6,80 €. For more details, please visit Finnish Tax Administration website. Please note that meals valued under 6,80 €, the minimum payment of 6,80 € will be charged.

Where and how can I use card or mobile?

You may use the Edenred card in places, which accept card or mobile as a means of payment. Our lunch network consists of over 14.500 lunch places and into our recreational- and cultural network belongs nearly 8.000 places. You may search places here or in MyEdenred-application. With Edenred card you can make contactless payments or insert the card in the payment terminal, you don’t need a PIN-code. Additionally, you can add the card in Apple Pay or Google Pay.

How can I purchase event tickets sold in Internet with card?

In order to be able to pay event tickets with your card, you have to reserve the ticket via Internet. At the moment you can purchase only tickets reserved in advance for example in R-Kioski. See the instructions to buy event tickets.

Note! Event organisers define how tickets are sold. In some cases you are able to purchase reserved tickets later on and in other cases you have to pay the ticket at the time of purchase.

How do I make a mobile payment?

Search restaurant or recreational place from MyEdenred according the name or location of the place (application shows places close by if the mobile has navigation function on). Then enter the sum, confirm the payment and show the receipt at the cashier. Read more about MyEdenred.


You can get this free application from your own application store with the keyword “MyEdenred”. Please make sure that you choose Finnish MyEdenred application. Use credential from MyEdenred web service or create new ones. Same credentials can be used with mobile application and MyEdenred web service.


You can also add your Edenred card to Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Why my card doesn’t work?

Is your card valid? / Have you activated the card? / Is there balance in your card? The state of your card and balance you may easily check from MyEdenred-application. Your employee will top up your balance. Please note, that Finnish Tax Administration sets the yearly maximum- and minimum payment limits for lunch benefit. In 2020 the limits are 6,80 € and 10,70 €.

Where and for what can I use the recreational or cultural benefit?

Your card can be used in nearly 8.000 sport- and cultural places belonging to Edenred acceptance network around Finland. You may search places from search places engine.

Recreational and cultural benefit is voluntary, tax exempt benefit for sports- and cultural activities.

Can I use recreational benefit to massage services?

Unfortunately, the recreational benefit can not be used for massage services. Massage and physiotherapy services are not tax compliant.

How much one saves with lunch benefit?

Taxable value for lunch benefit is 75 % from the face value, e.g. 10,50 € Lunch voucher will be assessed in taxation for 7,88 € value. You may read more specific information about the taxation of lunch benefit at Finnish Tax Administration website. The employer can provide the lunch benefit as a taxable benefit or reduce it from the employee’s salary, you may count your own savings from lunch savings calculator.

How long is my card valid?

Validity period of cards is 24 months from their order date. You can see the validity from the front side of your card. Your company’s contact person receives information about expiring cards and is able to order new cards.

How long my benefit card can be used after the employment has ended?

30 days from the day Edenred Finland has received notification from employer.

Can I use Edenred’s benefit cards from two different employers at the same time?

Yes. If you have changed work place, you can activate new card and register it with a different username, which you specify at MyEdenred service. Card benefits and MyEdenred usernames are always employer specific.


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