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Where and how can one use lunch benefit?

Edenred card, Ticket Lounas® -card, Ticket Duo® -card, mobile payment and lunch vouchers can be used in restaurants, fast food restaurants and lunch-cafés belonging to Edenred’s acceptance network. Our network consists of over 14 500 places.  Please note that the Finnish Tax Authority defines the annual limits for lunch benefit. In 2020 the minimum for lunch benefit is €6.80 and the maximum €10.70. See places to use the benefit from search places engine.

Where and into what can one use recreational benefit?

Edenred card, Ticket Virike® (Mind&Body®) -card, Ticket Duo® -card and Virike vouchers as well as mobile payment can be used in nearly 8000 sports- and cultural places belonging Edenred’s acceptance network around Finland. Recreational benefit is a tax exempt benefit for sports and cultural activities, which employer can offer to employees. See places to use the benefit from search places engine.

What is the repeat function?

When using the repeat function, the employee does not have to make a new load order each month. The chosen value will be automatically loaded to the card. You can accept the repeat function to be part of top-up function. You can do this easily on Ticket®On-the-Web service. Please remember to guide your employees about the usage of automatic load.

What to do if I want to offer benefits for my employees?

Lunch and recreational benefit is easy to offer as a card, the most popular way is to combine both in Edenred card. Card solution includes the opportunity to pay with a mobile phone in MyEdenred application. You may easily order cards here or you can contact to our sales with the contact form situated end of this page and we will gladly assist you!

How long are the card and balance valid?

The card is valid for 24 months from the order date. The card validity is marked on the front side of the card. You can see your employees cards’ validity in the Ticket-On-the-Web service. Contact persons are informed via email if there are cards expiring within 30 days.

Balance is valid for 24 months from the date the balance was loaded.

How long employee can use benefit card after s/he has left the company?

30 days from the day employee has been set to “poissa palveluksessa” category at Ticket On-the-web service.

Ticket® On-the-Web – How can I add another person to manage orders?

You can add and remove contact persons at Ticket® On-the Web service.

Employee has a benefit card from previous employer. Can s/he accept benefits from new employer?

New card needs to be activated and registered to MyEdenred with a different username than the previous card. Benefit user defines the username by themselves.

Where can I find our customer number?

You can find your customer number from the invoice or from the upper right corner of Ticket-On-the-Web, after logging into the service.


How to take in use card and mobile payment?

Lunch and recretional benefit is easy to offer with the card. The most popular card is Edenred card that combines these two benfits. However, you can also choose just one benefit to the card. Edenred card solution offers also a possibility to pay lunches and recreational services with mobile – MyEdenred application, Apple Pay or Google Pay. You can order Edenred cards easily here or by contacting our sales team with the form below. We are happy to help you!



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